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Song Details
The Graduation Song 
By: Art Paul Schlosser
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Duration: 4:53 
Release Date: 9/29/2011  (DJ Particle) 
Lyrics By: Art Paul Schlosser (artpaul) 
Music By: Art Paul Schlosser (artpaul) 
Produced By: WSUM (artpaul) 
Released By: Art Paul Schlosser Inc (artpaul) 
Published By: Art Paul Schlosser (artpaul) 
Licensing: CC (artpaul) 
Song Lyrics:
ah but I wanted to give a little advice
this is a student radio so
I came up with a song that I hope people like and are not offended or freak out of anything
It's called a
This one I'm gonna call The Graduation Song
and a Maybe people will think about it you know
People graduate and some people never quite leave their room and stuff
I hope it's not to preachy

Now that you graduated
All those math equation you equated
We like to share a thing a or two
We hope that maybe you think it's cool

Now that you did your best
Past everyone of those test
Yes you're a success

Well we've got something we'd like to share
yeah we care
But we hope that you're aware

That food cost money
We're not trying to be funny
But now that you finally made it
Could you maybe, we don't know how to really state it
Maybe could you get a job
Oh I hope that wasn't ah kind of mean or anything
Could you maybe clean your room
It looks kind of messy and you've been kind of a slob
ah ah is that your pet rat
ah Could you maybe ah clean up that science experiment that you didn't know you had over in the corner ah from the food that's been molding
And it kind of looks scary
Makes me want to scream from fear
Maybe ah I don't know we're think of using your room for a library
Could you
I know you were planning on getting married and having a spouse
Maybe could you consider (now that you have this nice job) getting a house
Ah I know you thought you could live off you parents for eternity but
We're a
We were hoping that maybe some contribut
You know like maybe you could fix up the house a little
Or share us some money
I don't know you know I didn't want to be mean or anything
We like you
We like your friends and
but you know a
Well theres a lot of bills we have to pay and a
Steak and lobster been fun feeding you but it ain't free
that didn't quite rhyme with pay I know okay well
Well we see what happens
See rhymes with free
Anyways I guess I hope you understand the point I'm trying to make you see
Would you like to do something with your life, we think it would be okay

Okay anyway that's my graduation song
I hope that was kind of funny
I don't know
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05-22-12, #BWR-12-05-22
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