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Song Details
Duration: 4:48 
Release Date: 11/30/2011 
Lyrics By: Bill Dann (Jservello) 
Music By: Jack Servello (Jservello) 
Produced By: Jack Servello (Jservello) 
Released By: Servello Family (Jservello) 
Published By:
Song Lyrics:
Santa went to see his Doctor, he checks him every year,
But when he got his blood work back, his cheer turned to a jeer-
See, the news from North Pole Medical would ruin Ho Ho’s day
And the big guy started shaking when he heard what they had to say

Well, his sugar was on the border, his cholesterol off the chart
Triglycerides were mighty high, plaque was building round his heart
He had swelling above the ankles, there was talk about his weight
No, our jolly old St. Nicholas wasn’t feeling all that great


Santa’s made some changes, he’s really trimmed the fat
He’s giving up cake and cookies Mrs. Claus will see to that!
He’s abandoned fattening goodies that caused his weight to crash..
Now Santa’s on a low fat, low salt, high fiber, sugar free-yessirree, self induced, power boost, Doctor-trusting, carb-busting, no cheddar, feel better, heart-healthy diet this year

So, Santa rooted through his cupboards, and threw out all the snacks
He said he couldn’t be loaded down, come time to tote his sack-
Then the chips and dip and cheesy curls were gone forever more
And the Mrs. soon replaced those with healthy products from the store

She bought him cans of tuna and yogurt sweetened with Aspartame
There were lots of fruits and veggies, Santa’d never be the same
Yeah, it sure did raise some eyebrows inside the shopping mart
Who’d have ever thought that healthy foods would be found in Santa’s cart?


He even has an exercise bike, made custom by his elves
He’s working on his ab’s, there’s bottled water on his shelves
He walks to get the morning mail instead of riding in his sleigh
Santa feels a whole lot better and has embraced this healthy way

Now this year when you wait for Santa, he has a small request
If you fix him up a plate of goods, remember healthy would be best
So forget about a cookie tray with a dose of good whole milk
He’d rather opt for Wheat Thins, washed down with a glass of Silk


Music fades: Ho Ho Ho boys and girls…look at me, I’ll be fat free when I come down your Chim-in-ee..Ho Ho Ho…Merry Christmas…..

Fat Free Santa(View Larger)

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Played on 3 shows:
12-25-11, #MMS-14812-23-11, #ROTP_383
12-24-11, #ISGD-11-52
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