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Snortin' Up The Bath Salts 
By: Morning Sidekick
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Duration: 1:50 
Release Date: 7/24/2012 
Lyrics By:
Music By:
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Licensing: CC (DJ Particle) 
Song Lyrics:
Snortin' up the bath salts puts me in a fog
Makes me run all over just like a rabid dog
Snortin' up the bath salts puts me into space
Makes me kinda hungry for someone else's face

A person high on bath salts is oh so fun to see
Just as long as he's not gnawing on my knee

Vignette: Neville and Percy forego their usual snorts of absinthe to try the latest craze (literally).

Some like the mellow buzz of marijuana, others the pizazz of cocaine
But here's a drug for those who wanna go batshit insane
Do it out in public - Do it in the street
Have a bite to eat with the next passer-by you meet

First you rip your clothes off, then get the craziest kind of munchies
Allow me to apologize in advance for when your face goes crunchies

Have hallucinations, dance a naked waltz
Who knows what we might do while snortin' up the salts
(Stavro Arrgolus)
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Messages about the song: "Snortin' Up The Bath Salts"
Jenkster   Offline  -  Member  -  09-02-12 09:38 PM  -  11 years ago
This song is entertaining but misleading. After reading extensively the reports of actual "bath salt" users and their companions, I can clearly conclude that the effect of "bath salts", which are various cathinone stimulants with structures similar to that of amphetamine, is mainly that of traditional stimulants. Their popularity at this time is entirely their temporary ability to circumvent the drug laws, not because they represent a new or superior form of stimulant. As we have known for a long time, prolonged stimulant use can lead to temporary psychosis as the result of sleep deprivation. However, the recent news stories of the bizarre behavior of "bath salt" users are mostly sensationalized, and do not represent a new trend in the consequences of stimulant use. The reason I am writing this is to try to give listeners a more balanced perspective of the "bath salts" media coverage, and prevent the sort of "reefer madness" sort of biased fear mongering that was used to justify initiating the misguided drug war in the first place. Marijuana was made illegal based on the assertion that its use would cause violent behavior. Our experience the last 70 years has shown that this assertion was false, but meanwhile a huge variety of other drugs have been prohibited using the same reasoning. While all drugs have negative side effects, downsides and risks, the balanced approach used to approve them as medications is not taken when making them illegal. Instead, a fear-based approach is taken, where news stories of bad behavior, or of a few deaths of unclear cause, and used to declare an "emergency", to justify the ban of a new substance without the balanced analysis which would otherwise be justified. Thanks to these tactics, there are now highly illegal substances with no activity at all (like 2C-H), or about which almost nothing was known (bufotenine), or that actually end heroin addiction with only one dose (ibogaine), or that treat PTSD better than anything on the market (MDMA, as shown in completed, donor supported phase II clinical trials so far by MAPS). While these news stories are tragic and may sometimes be accurate, a more reasonable perspective might be to compare the problem in question with its prevalence due to alcohol consumption. In the case of many illegal drugs, the "problem" used to justify making them illegal is more prevalent, per user, with alcohol, so banning the former while leaving the latter legal is irrational. I write this in the hopes that, in the unlikely event we are given a voice in the continuation and design of the US drug policy, we can keep the situation in perspective when voting.
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