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Song Details
Tetris Drop 
By: Bobby Thornbody
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Duration: 3:12 
Release Date: 6/21/2013 
Lyrics By: Bobby Thornbody (Bobby Thornbody) 
Music By:
Produced By: Max DeGroot (Bobby Thornbody) 
Released By: Bobby Thornbody (Bobby Thornbody) 
Published By: Bobby Thornbody (Bobby Thornbody) 
Licensing: CC (DJ Particle) 
Song Lyrics:
Dipper: *yawn* Bobby, I know we're having a sleepover, but you've been playing that game for hours now. It's one o'clock in the morning!

Bobby: What's your rush? We don't have school tomorrow, Dipper. Just get ready for bed. I'll be there in a second.

Dipper: What is with with you and this video game obsession lately?

Bobby: I'm not obsessed, Dipper. I've been playing this because it helps relax me.

Dippper: You actually call trying to fit those odd blocks into weird spots at high speeds 'relaxing'? How exactly is it relaxing?

Bobby: The game helps keep my mind and my reflexes sharp, okay?

Dipper: Alright, alright. Just don't stay up too late, okay?

Bobby: I won't, Dipper. Good night.

Dipper: Good night, Bobby.

Bobby: (singing)
Here I am now playing Tetris again
And I'm watching the blocks fall from the sky
Need to stay sharp if I'm going to win
I have got to be careful as blocks fly by

Here I am now getting through level three
And I'm watching the blocks fall from above
Got to be smart keeping rows I have free
And the blocks must all fit just like a glove

More and more blocks come
They keep dropping
Never ending
Never gonna stop

Here I am now dropping through level six
And I'm seeing the speed pick up real fast
Left and right using all sorts of tricks
I have gotta concentrate so none get past

Here I am now rushing through level nine
And I'm seeing the blocks as they start to stack
Move the peices, and I will be fine
I can keep going on if I stay on track

More and more blocks come
They keep dropping
Never ending
Never gonna stop

Here I am now, level fifteen I'm on
And I'm finding it hard now to stack low
Make a wrong move, my progress will be gone
I have got to move fast so my score will grow

Here I am now, level twenty I breach
And I'm finding that I grip the joystick tight
Hate what I see, but the end's within reach
And I can't give up now, I have got to fight

More and more blocks come
They keep dropping
Never ending
Never gonna stop

Here I am now at the end of my game
I was not fast enough, it's here I lose
Won't play again, it will just be the same
I don't wanna play again, that's what I choose

Here I am now at the end of my stride
I was not fast enough, blocks reached the top
Now annoyed, it has wounded my pride
I will never play again, the Tetris Drop

More and more blocks come
They keep dropping
Never ending
Never gonna stop
(Bobby Thornbody)
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