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Duration: 2:20 
Release Date:
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  • Made #1 on the Dr. Demento Funny 25 for 2001. (czwrefsteven)
  • Song Lyrics:
    I am sad that I must say goodbye to you; another day is passing
    Yet I feel I did not do the things you asked me to, so try I must
    To do my best, for I must pass the final test
    And if I win, we'll celebrate by being anti-celibate

    Please let me make you sweat
    Please let me make you moan
    Please let me make you smile in bed

    -- I'm sorry, that was inappropriate.

    I love you and you love you and one day I hope you'll love me
    But til that day, I realize that I can't go between your thighs
    I'm sorry that I sung that line, I know you don't like it when I use the word
    thighs, especially your thighs -- it's just that, you know, I'm kinda curious

    I love walking hand in hand, I just wish that as a man
    I could bite you on the neck and leave hickeys on your back
    Kiss you, bite you, pull your hair, see you with no underwear
    Grab your body, pull you close, squeeze your body and lick your nose

    Please let me make you sweat
    Please let me make you moan
    Please let me make you smile in bed

    I know. Okay, I'm sorry I do it again. Okay. Oh, baby, I promise...I promise,
    that'll never happen again. Give me one more chance sweetheart,
    please. I'm thinkin' of a cold shower, baby, look - look down there - nothin'.
    Well...almost nothin'.

    I respect you and I hope that one day I'll learn to cope
    With the choices that you've made and your sexual barricades
    Boy, I really like to talk, while we walk and walk and walk
    But one day I'd like to run, just let loose and have some fun

    Party, dance, and drink too much, sit too close and start to touch
    Kissy-kiss and breathe real hard, lose the brain and find the heart
    Close our eyes and disappear, find the nerve and lose the fear
    What's so wrong with loving you and showing you a thing or two?

    I wanna stand and drop my pants and do a sexy naked dance
    I wanna growl and pose and flex and add an 'x' to Triple-X
    I am Tarzan, you are Jane; now it's time to not abstain
    You are woman, hear me roar, it's me knockin' on your door

    Knock-a knock, I'm comin' in with a huff-puff-puff and chinny-chin
    Fe-fi-fo and a bottle of rum, I'm gonna make your body thrum
    Paint your wheels and gap your fiddle, make your skin hot as a griddle

    I wanna have sex with you!
    Please let me have sex with you!

    Please let me make you sweat
    Please let me make you moan
    Please let me make you smile in bed

    Please let me make you sweat
    Please let me make you moan
    Please let me make you smile in bed

    And that was my final damn offer!
    Current Rating 7.3 (5 votes)
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