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Song Details
I Wanna Rock (Socially Responsibly) 
By: Phil Johnson and Roadside Attraction
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Duration: 2:44 (Captain Wayne) 
Release Date: 3/24/2017  (Captain Wayne) 
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Licensing: CC (Captain Wayne) 
Song Lyrics:
Lock up your daughters We're coming for them Gonna have some consensual sex If they don't wanna We're gonna respect that Cuz I'm a good male feminist Well it's Saturday night I'm feelin' alright I manifest gratitude, I'm blessed And tonight we're gonna rock til an appropriate hour And then get eight hours of rest Eight hours of rest I wanna rock But that means being inclusive Of people and their cultures Without appropriating them I wanna rock But that means being conducive To a balanced life of work and play And avoiding all gluten I wanna rock Don't drink too much Don't drive, there's Uber Make sure you're staying hydrated And then tomorrow Go do some yoga Your root chakra's looking kinda faded Well we're hitting the town And tearing it down We're gonna up and gentrify this b***h But we'll always make sure that there's affordable housing We'll put it underneath a bridge Underneath a bridge I wanna rock Cuz I find my work fulfilling In invest in companies that ecologically sound I wanna rock I don't need no 401k Cuz I'm a cowboy and a rebel With a maxed out IRA I wanna rock I wanna rock Do you wanna rock? If you don't wanna rock then that's ok This is a judgment free zone And everybody to each their own But I wanna rock If you don't wanna rock Our differences are just to be embraced I don't see color, I don't see race I'm not even sure you've got a face Not even sure you've got a face I wanna rock Because you're you and you've got spunk You'll never hear me use a slur Not even when I'm drunk I wanna rock With respect for your religion Whether Jesus or Mohammed or a goat with sixteen heads I wanna rock And I'll tolerate you I'll tolerate you I'll tolerate you I'll tolerate you I'll tolerate you I'll tolerate you I'll tolerate you I'll tolerate you Can I have permission to rock? (Captain Wayne)
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