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Song Details
Duration: 2:43 
Release Date: 1982  (Stavro Arrgolus) 
Lyrics By: Ron Stevens / Joy Grdnic (Stavro Arrgolus) 
Music By: Ron Stevens / Joy Grdnic (Stavro Arrgolus) 
Produced By:
Released By: Laff A222 (Stavro Arrgolus) 
Published By:
Song Lyrics:
(female announcer) Hello boys and girls, and future scientists! It's time once again for - Mr. Wizard! And his little friend - Timmy!

(Timmy) Hello Mr. Wizard!

(Mr. Wizard) Well, hello Timmy. Today Timmy, we're gonna take an old spatula, an inner tube and some macaroni noodles to make a nuclear reactor.

(Timmy) 'k Mr. Wizard! Aren't nuclear reactors dangerous?

(Mr. Wizard) No, Timmy! But old spatulas are! They can poke your little eyes out. So I'll have to ask you to wear these goggles.

(Timmy) Mr. Wizard?

(Mr. Wizard) Yes, Timmy?

(Timmy) Do you remember those diagrams you showed me last week?

(Mr. Wizard) Well I sure do, Timmy!

(Timmy) Well, how do turtles do it?

(Mr. Wizard) Timmy! This is science, not a brouhaha!

(Timmy) Brouhaha?

(Mr. Wizard) Now see this glass tube and hose?

(Timmy) Yes, Mr. Wizard?

(Mr. Wizard) Know what it is?

(Timmy) A brouhaha?

(Mr. Wizard) Wrong!

(Timmy) A bong?

(Mr. Wizard) It's a device I made out of a vase and a old garden hose, to demonstrate how different molecules can combine to form a noble gas!

(Timmy) Are we gonna discover the secret of life, Mr. Wizard?

(Mr. Wizard) We will if we're not careful, Timmy. Now watch how this flame jumps in a flash when I pass it down on this nozzle.

(Timmy) Right, Mr. Wizard!

(Mr. Wizard) Know what it's called?

(Timmy) Jumping Jack Flash?

(Mr. Wizard) It's a gas, Timmy!

(Timmy) You got it, Mr. Wizard! Get down!

(Mr. Wizard) Timmy! Timmy, you knocked over the model brain case on loan from the high school!

(Timmy) Sorry, Mr. Wizard!

(Mr. Wizard) What am I gonna tell Mr. Durphy?

(Timmy) 'll, I'll pick it up Mr. Wizard.

(Mr. Wizard) Timmy, whatever you do, don't squeeze the brain (SQUISH!!)
...too hard.

(Timmy) Uh oh.

(Mr. Wizard) Now you did it Timmy! You punctured Our Lady of Fatima's medulla epiglottis!

(Timmy) Oh, I hit my head, Mr Wizard.

(Mr. Wizard) Now you just clean up that brain, Timmy. The brain is a terrible thing to waste, don't you forget that! Now I'll prepare our noodles for nuclear fusion.

(Timmy) I, I'm gonna take this aspirin, Mr. Wizard.

(Mr. Wizard) That's not an aspirin, Timmy.

(Timmy) Sure looks like an aspirin!

(Mr. Wizard) But it's not, Timmy!

(Timmy) It tastes like an aspirin.

(Mr. Wizard) Dangerous drugs, Timmy!

(Timmy (muffled) I swallowed it.

(Mr. Wizard) Timmy! That pill was designed to stun buffaloes when mixed with buffalo food!

(Timmy [snide adult voice]:) Oh wow! Oh my god. ...
..all over the place, Don!

(Mr. Wizard) For God's sake, sit down, Timmy!

(Timmy) Right, Don!

(Mr. Wizard) ... Let this be a lesson to you Timmy, and to all of Timmy's little friends out there. Never tamper with the awesome powers of science! Science is your future, Timmy... and the future... is in your hands.

(Timmy) And I hafta eat with those hands, Don!

(Mr. Wizard) Sit down, Timmy.

(Timmy) I am sitting, Don!

(Mr. Wizard) My name is Mr. Wizard, Timmy.

(Timmy) Right, Don.! I really do like this music, Don!
(Stavro Arrgolus)
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