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Song Details
Duration: 3:26 
Release Date: 2003  (Bob Jones) 
Lyrics By: Ken Turetzky (Bob Jones) 
Music By: Ken Turetzky (Bob Jones) 
Produced By: Lee Fortune (Bob Jones) 
Released By: Ken Turetzky (Bob Jones) 
Published By:
  • "My Fat Ass Itches" first recorded by Potbelly. (Bob Jones)
  • Ken Turetzky performs bad-attitude acoustic comedy in Dallas, Texas. (Bob Jones)
  • Song Lyrics:
    Been on the street all day
    I've been all over town
    Gonna be on my feet some more, you know I can't sit down
    Because my fat ass itches
    My fat ass itches
    My fat ass itches
    And oh, I can't be livin' thisaway
    Old boy come up to me
    Say, Buddy, you got a match?
    I said, I don't have time right now
    You know I gotta scratch
    Because my fat ass itches
    My fat ass itches
    My fat ass itches
    And oh, I can't be livin' thisaway

    I'm ridin' in the subway
    And ooh, I gotta scratch
    A cop slaps on the handcuffs
    And say, Boy, you can't do that
    Just 'cause your fat ass itches
    Your fat ass itches
    Your fat ass itches
    But oh, you can't be livin' thataway

    Well, I used to have a woman
    But I couldn't love her right
    Said, Honey, please excuse me
    And come back tomorrow night
    Because my fat ass itches
    My fat ass itches
    My fat ass itches
    And oh, I can't be livin' thisaway

    Oh Lord, I've tried Preparation H, hot bath, high-fiber diet, yoga, meditation and prayer meetings. But nothing will relieve this nagging itch. I fear it will be with me until my last dyin' day.

    ....Baby, you don't know what discomfort is.


    (©Ken Turetzky 1999)

    The band:

    Ken Turetzky: Vocals, acoustic guitar and harmonica
    Daria McBee: Background vocals
    Lee Fortune: Lead guitars and bass guitar
    Terry McIntyre: Percussion

    "My Fat Ass Itches" arranged by Paul Fromberg
    (Bob Jones)
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    Messages about the song: "My Fat Ass Itches"
    ktguitar   Offline  -  Artist  -  05-16-05 04:27 PM  -  17 years ago
    On April 17, 2005, Dr. Demento introduced "My Fat Ass Itches" this way:

    “Think of the truly legendary giants of blues, like Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Bessie Smith, B.B. King. Well, none of them ever made a blues quite like this one: Ken Turetzky.”
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