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Pac-Man Is Naked And So Should You 
By: Worm Quartet
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Duration: 1:42 
Release Date: 2001 
Lyrics By: Tim Crist and Jeff Carter 
Music By: Tim Crist and Jeff Carter 
Produced By: Timothy F. Crist 
Released By: Rydas/Flaming Mayo Records 
Published By:
Licensing: CC 
  • Shoebox performed a very brief excerpt from this song during his appearance on VH-1's "Totally Obsessed." (shoebox)
  • Song Lyrics:
    (Okay, you hear the sound! The sound is PAC-MAN! Are you ready for PAC-MAN?)
    (I am ready for Pac-Man!) (Yes, it is Pac-Man!) (Okay, Pac-Man!) (It is time to go!)

    Being round a yellow guy? PAC-MAN!
    Do he eating lots of dots? PAC-MAN!
    Running up and down your street,
    Screaming at your mailbox now,
    Hanging from your ceiling fan? PAC-MAN!

    (Yay! It is Pac-Man!) (Time for a Pac-Man!)
    (We are very liking Pac-Man!) (Hooray now for the Pac-Man!)
    (Much happy has this Pac-Man!) (Do I sing again about Pac-Man? Okay!)

    Mouth a open and a close? PAC-MAN!
    Run your fingers on my arm! PAC-MAN!
    Jumping up and down real fast,
    Putting butter in your hat,
    Shaving all your fish at night? PAC-MAN!


    It's time to Pac-Man!
    The best way to Pac-Man is to use the game!
    You moving joystick and you eat the dot,
    Eat all the dot, you win another maze,
    And mazes are the place where Pac-Man goes!
    He eat a key or maybe eat a pear,
    Cuz these are food for eating in the maze
    But ghosts are making death so run away
    Or make a blue ghost turn into a food!

    (Oo, food! The Pac-Man likes food!)
    (Lettuce is also food.)
    (Do not talk about lettuce. It is time for Pac-Man.)
    (More Pac-Man?)
    (Yes, we will have another Pac-Man!)
    (Okay, Pac-Man!)
    (Where is Pac-Man?)
    (Pac-Man is NOW!)

    Eat a dot and eat a fruit? PAC-MAN!
    Leaving something on the stove? PAC-MAN!
    Spinning on a countertop,
    Sniffing all your laundry now,
    Blinky and Inky feeling rather sheepish? PAC-MAN!


    (Pac-Man!) (Pac-Man?) (Mmm ohh, Pac-Man!)
    (There is no more song now!)
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    Messages about the song: "Pac-Man Is Naked And So Should You"
    Wacky Ben   Offline  -  Artist & D.J.  -  07-10-20 05:06 PM  -  3 years ago
    Never mind it's up now. Must've been a delay.
    Wacky Ben   Offline  -  Artist & D.J.  -  07-10-20 04:11 PM  -  3 years ago
    So I tried to upload the actual mp3 of this song that I got off of Worm Quartet's bandcamp page because the mp3 here is the wrong one and I posted the mp3 for that one to it's other page. However it seems that it didn't go through and the wrong mp3 file still remains. Not sure if it's because of the free download that's causing it but I'd like to post the actual studio recording to this page.
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