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Song Details
Duration: 4:16 (DJ Particle) 
Release Date: 7/25/1956  (sav-man) 
Lyrics By: Bill Buchanan & Dickie Goodman (sav-man) 
Music By: Bill Buchanan & Dickie Goodman (sav-man) 
Produced By:
Released By: Luniverse Records (sav-man) 
Published By: Jon Goodman Publishing (Stavro Arrgolus) 
Licensing: BMI  #3667978 (Stavro Arrgolus) 
  • Due to the success of the record, The Penguins, who had changed labels, re-recorded "Earth Angel" and released it again. (peterpuck9)
  • Thus, B&G kept making these sketches, since burlesques (and parodies, satire, etc.) are protected by The U.S. Constitution. (sav-man)
  • The judge also ruled that B&G's work would NOT hurt the sales of the artists' records they used (it may have even helped some)! (sav-man)
  • However, the judge ruled that B&G's work was a "burlesque" (thus, a new work of their own). (sav-man)
  • B&G were sued by over thirty record companies for the use of their (the companies') signed artists' material on this sketch! (sav-man)
  • Reached #3 on the Billboard charts in August 1956. (sav-man)
  • The original Novelty/Break-in record, involving questions from B&G, and answers from snatches of Rock/Pop/R&B songs. (sav-man)
  • Song Lyrics:
    Buchanan: We interrupt this record to bring you a special bulletin. The reports of a flying saucer hovering over the city have been confirmed. The flying saucers are real!
    Radio: Too real, when I feel, what my heart can't conceal... (from the Platters' "The Great Pretender")
    Buchanan: That was the Clatters' recording, "Too Real!"

    And that set the pattern. Goodman would interview eyewitnesses about the spaceship, whose responses were the lyrics of popular songs.

    Goodman: This is John Cameron Cameron downtown. Pardon me madam, would you tell our audience what would you do if the saucer were to land?
    Witness: Duck back in the alley (from Little Richard's "Long Tall Sally")
    Goodman: Thank you. And now the thin gentleman there.
    Witness: What I'm gonna do ... is hard to tell (from Fats Domino's "Poor Me")
    Goodman: And the gentleman with the guitar, what would you do sir?
    Witness: Just take a walk down Lonely Street (from Elvis Presley's "Heartbreak Hotel")

    The record continues. While the flying saucer landed on Earth, Buchanan and Goodman greeted its arrival with more splices, in-jokes and primitive technical wizardry.

    Goodman: This is John Cameron Cameron on the spot. And now I believe we're about to hear the words of the first spaceman ever to land on earth.
    Martian: "A WOP BOP A LOO MOP A LOP BAM BOOM" (from Little Richard's "Tutti-Frutti")
    Goodman: The impact of seeing the first spaceman has this reporter reeling!
    Radio: Here I go reeling, ohh-oh (skip) ohh-oh (skip) ohh-oh (from the Platters' "The Magic Touch")
    Buchanan: That was the Clatters again, with their big one, "Uh-Oh!"
    Goodman: Gathered around me are several of the spacemen. Tell us - have you come to conquer the world?
    Martian: esnefed fo yraterces
    Goodman: And now would you repeat that in English?
    Martian: Don't want the world to have and hold... (from Don Cherry's "Band of Gold")
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