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Song Details
Duration: 4:53 
Release Date: 1985  (sav-man) 
Lyrics By: Bruce Springsteen, Richard Marin & Thomas Chong (sav-man) 
Music By: Bruce Springsteen, Richard Marin & Thomas Chong (sav-man) 
Produced By: Jeff Eyrich (sav-man) 
Released By: MCA Records (sav-man) 
Published By:
  • Elvira makes a cameo in the music video. (Halfshell)
  • Parody of "Born In The U.S.A." by Bruce Springsteen (CZW Ref Fan Steven)
  • This song later become the basis and title of a movie starring Cheech (by which time the duo had split up). (sav-man)
  • Tommy Chong has said that Cheech for all intents and purposes did this song alone, not involving Chong. (sav-man)
  • From Cheech & Chong's 1985 album GET OUT OF MY ROOM. (sav-man)
  • Song Lyrics:
    Took a walk to the corner store
    Just to buy a loaf of bread and a box of s`mores
    Up pulled a guy in a yellow van
    Shiny gold badge flashing in his hand

    He said, alright all you mojados down here
    I want you all to hit the floor
    I got one thing to ask you and nothing more
    So answer in English, if you can
    Where were ya born, man

    Huh? Where was I born?

    That`s right, I said
    Where were ya born?

    Hey, are you one of those dudes who do horoscopes, man
    Hey, I`m a Cancer with a bad moon rising

    Look here el fago, watch my lips
    Where were ya born?

    I was BORN IN EAST L.A.
    Man, I was BORN IN EAST L.A.

    Oh yeah, you were BORN IN EAST L.A.
    Let`s see your green card

    Huh? Green card?
    I`m from East LA

    Alright, then who`s President of the United States

    Oh, that`s easy, man
    That guy that used to be on Death Valley Days, John Wayne

    Alright, let`s go, come on

    Next thing I know, I`m in a foreign land
    People talkin so fast, I couldn`t understand
    There was nobody there to lend a helping hand
    I was cold, it was dark, where is a burger stand

    I want to go back to East LA
    I wish I was back in East LA
    I don't belong here in downtown T.J.
    'Cause I was born in East LA, ole

    I crawled under barbed wire, swam across a stream
    Rode in six different trucks packed like a sardine
    Walked all day in the burning sun
    Now I know what it`s like to be born to run

    Up ahead was the promised land
    Shining like a star just beyond my hand
    All I could see was a golden door
    I looked up, a sign said five billion sold

    And I was back in East LA
    Yes, I was back in East LA
    You know I`m never gonna stray
    'Cause I was born in East LA, oh LA

    (adlibs with I'm a low rider rocker in East LA, oh LA)

    EAST LA!!!
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