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Song Details
Duration: 3:35 
Release Date: 1986  (sfjpk30) 
Lyrics By: Sherwin Linton (Stavro Arrgolus) 
Music By: Sherwin Linton (Stavro Arrgolus) 
Produced By: Sherwin Linton/Charlie Erickson (Stavro Arrgolus) 
Released By: Breaker Records B 3902 A (single) (Stavro Arrgolus) 
Published By: Ottertail Music (Stavro Arrgolus) 
Licensing: BMI (Stavro Arrgolus) 
Song Lyrics:
Santa won't be back next Christmas Eve
It sounds strange I know, it's hard to believe
But the State Patrol's watchin' everybody these days
He was weavin' in the sky in his reindeer's sleigh

So they radioed to every cop in the state
That it was only a matter of minutes to wait
When he landed on a housetop, there they were
Tellin' Santa to exhale in a breath-a-lizer

But Santa refused to take the breath-a-lizer test
"In that case buddy..., you're under arrest...!"
They frisked him where he landed on that little housetop
Found a miniature bottle of Peppermint Schnapps

Santa got a DWI
For weaving around in the sky
Believe me, I wouldn't lie
Oh..., Santa got a DWI

They took Santa down to the County Jail
Gave him one phone call to raise ten-thousand bail
By some strange note - Santa called me
Said he needed ten-grand just to set himself free

I told him I'd get on it and do what I could do
But I can't make anyone believe my story is true
Just tryin' to help Santa; I don't mean no harm
Now they're tryin' to put me in the funny farm

They impounded Santa's sleigh and his reindeer too
And they'll probably end up in the City Zoo
And there won't be any Santa next Christmas Eve
I can't raise his bail..., no one will believe

Repeat Chorus -

There's a moral to the song, don't be mad at MADD
If you have a few nippers, better catch a cab
Don't ever try to drive if you can't walk
Cuz even ole Santa ain't above the law

Repeat Chorus -

Repeat Chorus -

Everybody now..........

Santa got a DWI
For weaving around in the sky
Believe me, I wouldn't lie
Oh..., Santa got a DWI..., Yeah..., Santa got a DWI...

Fades -

Oh..., Santa got a DWI..., Yeah..., Santa got a DWI...

Fades -

Oh..., Santa got a DWI..., Yeah..., Santa got a DWI...
(jammin DIA)
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