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Disc: 1 1 My Name Is ART 2 Purple Bananas (on the moon) 2 Purple Bananas (on the moon) 2 Purple Bananas (on the moon) 2 Purple Bananas (on the moon) 3 Just a Noise 4 My Cat Was Taking a Bath 4 My Cat Was Taking a Bath't_It_Feel_Good.mp3 5 Just a Pest 6 The Worst Restaurant 7 WHAT radio 8 Pink Pants 8 Pink Pants 9 WEIRD radio'm_Weird.mp3 10 Maybe You think Im Weird'm_Weird.mp3 10 Maybe You think Im Weird 11 KLONE Radio Station 12 Dead Skunk Perfume 13 KRUD Radio Station 14 Waltz With Me Wanda 14 Waltz With Me Wanda 15 Swatting a Fly 15 Swatting a Fly 16 Infinity 17 Commercial 17 Commercial 18 5 19 Drink Milk Rap 19 Drink Milk Rap 20 The Cow T-shirt Jingle 21 Scratch In the Record 22 I Want To Be Madonna? 23 The One Chord Song 24 I Just Made It Up 25 The Shortest Song I Ever Wrote's_Even_Shorter.mp3 26 This Ones Even Shorter 27 One Note 28 Are You Gullible 29 Top 10 Reasons'm_Blue.mp3 30 I'm Blue 31 Another Star Trek Sequel Blues 32 Corn Joke 33 I Ate The Poppin Fresh Dough Boy 34 Cat/Horse Joke't_Want_to_find_Waldo.mp3 35 I Dont Want To Find Waldo 36 A News Bulletin 37 I Like My Mother 37 I Like My Mother 38 The 1st Church of Beatlemania 39 Scary Techno Song #5006 40 Choke Soda't_Play_this_on_Country_Western_Radio.mp3 41 They Wont Play this on the Country Western Radio 42 Kermit the Frog Aftershave 43 Girlfriend With a Car 44 Thanksgiving Stuffing 45 Santa Claus Twist 46 The Christmas Book Club
  47 Venison Christmas 48 Santa is Elvis 49 The Latest Elvis Imitator 50 At the Elvis Concert 51 I Want a Date with the Menards Lady 52 In the Cheap Rent District 53 Have a Peanut Butter Sandwich 53 Have a Peanut Butter Sandwich 54 The End

The Best of Art Paul Schlosser

By: Art Paul Schlosser


Download Album (MP3) - $9.99
Here are the words of The great LukeSki who compiled The Best of Art Paul Schlosser: If you haven't heard of ART PAUL SCHLOSSER before,Dr Demento described his work as "outsider music" and other DJs have compared him to such established funny music artists like Wild Man Fischer,Wesley Willis,Jandek,and even the fictitious cartoon character "Brak".In 2001,ART PAUL made a splash on "the Dr Demento show" with his song "Have A Peanut Butter Sandwich".He certainly got a big reaction from funny music fans and DJs alike,many of them wondering one thing;"Is this guy for real ?" Well I can assure you he is,having run into him as he was performing his unique brand of music next to the capitol building in our mutual hometown of Madison,Wisconsin.His energetic and positive personality shines through in his infectious acoustic guitar & kazoo driven original songs.I picked up his 7 CDs,began corresponding with him about funny music,and even made an appearance on his weekly cable access TV show on WYOU.Art was interested in getting more comedy DJs to play his music,but was not sure how to go about it.I volunteered to take the best tracks from his previous CD releases,and compile them onto one CD to send off to those DJs.ART liked this compilation of his funnier stuff so much that he decided to release it as an official "Best Of ART PAUL"CD,which is what are holding in your hands(Or could be)right now.If the only song by ART PAUL you've heard is "Have A Peanut Butter Sandwich",let me say that there is alot more to ART PAUL than that.His experimental keyboard work is all right,but it pales in comparison to his years of acoustic guitar work.I encourage you to trust me and give this CD a spin,I'm sure you'll find yourself laughing along with ART PAUL very soon.I recommend "Pink Pants"myself.On behalf of ART PAUL SCHLOSSER,thanks for listening and enjoy-The Great LukeSki.Oh and BTW please listen to my radio show on the Internet on Thursday Nights(Where you can hear more of ART PAUL)at to request your favorite song E-mail me at LukeSki@Juno.comartpaul 


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  • This is ART PAUL's 10th CD which was envisioned and compiled by the great Lukeski to help Art Paul get more radio play. (artpaul)
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