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Warning: Listening to this CD Could be Dangerous to Your Health

By: Art Paul Schlosser


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Here is a recent review by Jim Anderson: Sometimes I think Art Paul Schlosser is like my Honda Element. People either love it or hate it. There seems to be little in-between.. Some people may not understand Art Paul's style of music, but I see what many others find endearing and unique about it. It seems to come from his heart, from his inner being, from the core of his essence. Yeah, I know that's where all artist's music is supposed to come from, but Art Paul has a one-of-a-kind approach to it. When I put on his first cassette tape ( yes, cassettes...awaiting transfer to CD) "Our Gardens in the Hall", I am pleasantly introduced to "Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Good", a song that I liked enough to add my own backround music and vocals to. It has a beatle-ish rock-a-billy quality. One of the things you notice right away is Art Paul's live, almost improvised style of songwriting. He told me he often changes lyrics or melodies right up to the momment he records the song. This gives way to the "real" sound that adds to his identity as a local street performer. He always has titles that bemuse and spark the imagination, like,"Dairy farming on Mars", or, "Spots", or "Screw my Head in a Light Bulb Socket". The title track of "Our Gardens in the Hall" of the same name is a song about a garden in the hall that his mother planted seeds in and it grows up the walls and they get bugs. A painted song that tickles one's heart as it renders a picture of his home. Art tries his hand at different styles as in "Pirates", a sea chanty arrrrrgh! His humor is typified in the song "These Chord Changes", where the chords become the punchline to his lyrical question of when are these chords going to change...hanging on one chord until you start laughing. "This Tape Could Be Dangerous", his other cassette, had a more politically angered sense about it, yet was interjected with heart-felt ditties such as "More Than You Know" and "I'm Glad We're Through". On this tape he complains of doing dishes. in, " I hate Doing Dishes", and waiting in lines in, "I Hate Waiting in Lines", and loud music and barking dogs from his neighbors in, "Your Musics Too Loud". Do you see a theme going on here ? His typical quirky song on this album is one of my faves, "Cabinet Making and Tying Your Shoes". Side B has more of life's invasive qualities in "Human Guinea Pig" about medical studies on humans, "Stop Smoking Now"...only you can do it if you want with the help of Jesus. This is also a re-occuring theme throughout Art Paul's music. He has, or at least I believe he has, a deep religious belief system that carries him through the trials and tribulations of life, and shows up in tunes such as, "Rejoice Blues" ,"Don't Make a Deal with the Devil", "Help me Jesus". He always tries his hand at other genres as in, "Be Bop a He Bop a Be Bop a Bo Bop"....a sort of rockabilly hip hop song with a simple hand clapping backround."Spots" is a similar play on words rap-like song. In summation, I would recommend Art Paul Schlosser's work if you are in the mood to open up your mind, heart, and funny bone, and let it flow through you. Remember, judge not lest ye be judged and you just might find yourself humming one of Art Paul's tunes on your way to work tomorrow. artpaul 


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