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Disc: 1 1 Very Tiny Songs (A Very Tiny Song) 2 Rosencrantz and Guildenstern 3 Peasprout and the Little Baby Chick 4 The Salad Days of the Vegetables 5 Bonebeard, the Dinosaur Pirate From Space 6 Kick It Into High Gear 7 Infinite Tube OF Toothpase 8 Damn The Cancer 9 Global Warming (Is A Lie) 10 If I were a Pangolin 11 The Ant and the Block of Cheese 12 Susan 13 Ambassador Robert Robert W. Fitts 14 Underwater Basket Weaving 15 Michael Is The President of the English Club 16 Trapped In the Stomach of a Giant 17 What Will Laura Be When She Grows Up? 18 Invisible Shadows 19 Jen and Her Dog, Elvis 20 Snake Babies's_Toothbrush.mp3 21 Dr. Jekyll's Toothbrush 22 Riley Raccoon. Defender of Critter Village 23 Unicorns 24 Noelle Loves Shakesspeare 25 Glass Pop Bottles 26 The Periodic Table of the Elements 27 We Are Fire Ants 28 The Mischievous Elves of Iceland's_What_It's_Like_In_Japan.mp3 29 That's What It's Like In Japan 30 The Nature Kittle Nature Show Theme 31 Spherical Dice 32 Contents Unknown's_Secret.mp3 33 Lamentation on a Theme of Bubba's Secret 34 I Have An Extra Head 35 Osmosis 36 Gentoo Penguins 37 Schweepies 38 Ultimate Frisbee 39 Gelatin 40 Cecil, The Cantankerous Turtle 41 Demonic Lizards 42 My Name Is Matlock't_Like_Caddyshack.mp3 43 He Didn't Like Caddyshack 44 Pink Lemons 45 Mr. T 46 The Girl Who Liked Baseball 47 Bryan Fernando Is Awesome 48 Lemmings will Do Whatever 49 The Amazing Journeys of Twelve Kittens Through Match And Science 50 Serving Size 51 The Tale of Raskolnikov and Marty McFly 52 Love Is a Cyborg Playing the Harpsichord 53 Daisy Is Dead 54 TAB Cola 55 Substrates Plus Enzymes Equals Love 56 The Golden Goldfish 57 The No-Name Man (With No Name) 58 When Good Kiwis Go Bad 59 VCR Repairman 60 The Forests Are Plotting Their Revenge 61 Dr. Awkward 62 Villalpando 63 Igor Sikorski And The Helicopter 64 Monty The Tree 65 Wimps Vs. Machos 66 A Syrup Bottle Shaped Like Me 67 Frogmasterman 68 A Bad Day At The Gangster-Operated Mom-and-Pop Shop 69 Gum 70 The Tiniest Dog In The World 71 Internal Banana Farm 72 Lost In LOST 73 The Ice Cream Man With The Bulgy Eye's_Sexy_Love_Life.mp3 74 Vanilla's Sexy Love Life 75 Super-Duper Smile Salesman 76 The Villain Who Wears No Pants 77 The Toaster Who Struggled Up A Hill Only To Find He Was Already On The Other Side 78 Asian Afro 79 James Wrote A Song About Me 80 Melissa June, The Beautiful Deer 81 The Ballad Of William Archibald Spooner

Very Tiny Songs

By: Logan Whitehurst & The Junior Science Club




YearTypeLabelCatalog # 
2007CDPandacide Records(Captain Wayne)


Messages about the album: "Very Tiny Songs"

Max DeGroot   Offline  -  Artist  -  01-02-19 07:01 PM  -  3 years ago

What happened to the songs? All of the links don't work.


Max DeGroot   Offline  -  Artist  -  01-02-19 07:02 PM  -  3 years ago

What happened to the songs? All of the links don't work.


Stavro Arrgolus   Offline  -  Editor, MP3  -  01-02-19 09:14 PM  -  3 years ago

And this is why I have multiple accounts. So quirky bugs like this can be tested.

Viscount Vyslo had a standard membership, Tyro had an editor account (partial admin) and I have a full admin account.

This album exists and works for myself & Tyro, but not for the Viscount. It has an inexplicable status-based access problem.

I'll tell Wayne, but for the moment, he isn't responding to either me or Dave, but I'll try it anyway. It's likely something very silly that I can't think of right now as I just got up from a nap (I was finishing the script for MMS 230) & saw this. Hopefully, we'll sort this out soon enough...but don't hold your breath.

e8-deleted-   Offline  -  Suspended  -  01-15-19 09:58 AM  -  3 years ago
I clicked on one of the links and it works, the mp3's work too, i think it is just a glitch on the website, i mean the website is old.
Stavro Arrgolus   Offline  -  Editor, MP3  -  01-15-19 10:03 AM  -  3 years ago
No, it works now because it got fixed.
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