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No Static on Channel 3

By: David Tanny


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This is the third Best of David Tanny comedy, novelty, and dementia song and sketch collection CD-R. Several songs that were going to be on the "Stupid Audio 6" CD ended up here: "Dead Bug", "She Couldn't Run Microsoft Windows", "CP/M 21", and "Old Time TV Shows"

Beginning in 1998, Tanny has created memorable dementia songs heard on podcasts and Internet radio streams as well as a few terrestrial radio stations.

Some of the places Tanny has been heard include Friggin' Here, Bofore Radio, Ed's Mixed Bag, The Mad Music Archive, Mad Music Dementia Top 20,, David's Top 10, Dalecast, Comedy Music Cellar, Tone Deaf Radio Show, and The Dr. Demento Show.

Special thanks to: Worm Quartet, Sudden Death, Raymond and Scum, Brobdingnagian Bards, Carla Ulbrich, Marc Gunn, Power Salad, Project Sisyphus, Whimsical Will, DJ Particle, Brett Eidman, Alex Whitmore, and Captain Wayne for their support.

And a big thank you for all of my fans for purchasing my now defunct Stupid Audio CDs and their support.

Also thanks to everybody who's on my Myspace page at

David Tanny
PO Box 19569
San Diego, CA 92159
Please visit,,,, and for too much stuff to surf around in. Please purchase stuff from the Amazon box on the site to help me pay my bills so I can make more of my CDs. Thank you.



YearTypeLabelCatalog # 
2009CD(Captain Wayne)


  • Track Listing Description

    01. Radio Jingle (2008) - a simulation of a one-second jingle that radio stations used to use way back then.

    02. Centipede 2007 Mix (2007) - an enhanced mix of the 2006 hit "Centipede" found on "Stupid Audio 3.0"

    03. CP/M 21 (2007) - an original operating system gets a major overhaul for the 21st century!

    04. Watch The Frog 3 (2007) - the frog is back once again!

    05. Dead Bug (2008) - I wrote this when I saw a dead bug on the wall.

    06. Fump (2007) - a song about a Funny Music Project website. This take was recorded on the Windows Vista machine.

    07. Old Time TV Shows (2007) - a parody of the Bob Seger classic, except with old time TV shows instead of rock and roll. We old geezers who knew when TV was better can relate to that.

    08. What if Your Wife Was a Man Extended (2007 Extended Version) (2007) - an extended mix of the song found on "Stupid Audio 3.0" with three additional verses added.

    09. Boobs Boobs Boobs (2007) - a reworking of a song with the melody originally used for "Britney Spears" way back in 2000.

    10. CD Interruption 2 (2007)

    11. Craps Jr. with David Hasselhoff (2007) - this commercial parody is based on an Internet video about David Hasselhoff eating a cheeseburger on the floor. Anybody know how many cheeseburgers the fast food restaurants sold since the video was posted?

    12. She Couldn't Run Microsoft Windows (2007) - written in 1998, this track is finally produced.

    13. Achoo Sneezing Powder (2006) - still another Wacky Package come to life

    14. ISGD Theme Song (2008) - this was used on the "I Still Get Demented Podcast Edition" show in 2008.

    15. Bank of America (2007) - is a parody of a song that we used to sing in Kindergarten in 1965. For some reason, I substituted Bank for the word Flag and the rest is history!

    16. Buffy the Vampire Teller Slayer (or the Sarah Michelle Gellar Rap) (2007) - an original rap song based on an original incident. One percent is true (you figure out whether that one percent is the part I meet Sarah Michelle Gellar.)

    17. Fred's Bank (2008) - he's his own bank.

    18. Boobs Boobs Boobs w/o vocals (2007) - just the boobs boobs boobs chant

    19. Unsolved Mysteries: Valerie Bertinelli (2008) - OK. Just how does she stay cute for decades?!?

    20. Having Fun on the MMDT20 Show (2007) - David Tanny, the first host, gets to have some fun.

    21. Unsolved Blooper (2008)

    22. Channel 3 Commercials (1972) - a collection of commercials done when I was 12. (davidtanny)

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