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10th Anniversary Collection Volume 9: Leftovers I-Originals

By: David Tanny


Leftovers I is part of the 10th anniversary collection featuring early versions of David Tanny songs. 


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  • 01. Oh Happy Boy (2009) - a song dedicated to a small street that was paved over by a highway in 1970. It's a combination of doo-wop, Frank Zappa, Wildman Fisher, and Jonathan Coulton influences. Funny thing to know, this song was written a few years before I heard of Jonathan Coulton in 2005. The song chorus was thought up in 1970, but lyrics and bridges were written in 2003.

    02. Buffy the Vampire Teller Slayer (or the Sarah Michelle Gellar Rap) (2007) - an original rap song based on an original incident. One percent is true (you figure out whether that one percent is the part I meet Sarah Michelle Gellar.)

    03. CD Interruption 2 (2007)

    04. Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Lohan (2007), a rap about a man who goes insane thinking too much about the celebrity, then two men in the white coats put a straitjacket on him and take him to a mental hospital in a padded wagon. Also note that Lohan starred in two movies where she played two characters.

    05. Seque (2007) is transitioning from the previous sketch to the following sketch featuring the character parodies below.

    06. Hilary Duff Beer (2007) opens with the chant that drove the man in the previous song crazy, then continues with two men from The Great Big North who talk about a celebrity named beer on their program. It serves as a tribute to Bob and Doug McKenzie and their show within a show on SCTV called "The Great White North", a cult favorite.

    07. Bam with Sketch (2006) - another Wacky Package come to life. After the commercial, Beavis and Butthead comment on the product.

    08. Zorch (2008) is a lyrical parody of The Monkees' track "Zilch" and serves as a tribute to the late novelty singer Nervous Norvous.

    09. Nothing's on TV (2007) - what's with all of the dreck that's on network TV in the post appointment TV era?

    10. News Bulletin SA3 (2006) - even a CD gets interrupted by a news bulletin? Yes, Stupid Audio has it's own news department.

    11. Alyssa Milano Intro (2006)

    12. Alyssa Milano (2006) - something stupid I created with just a celebrity name, three shows, and three characters she was associated with. I tried to write a song about one of my favorite actresses of all time, but after some 100 crinkled pieces of paper, I gave up and decided to try something more avant garde.

    13. Alyssa Milano A Capella (2006)

    14. "Thunderstreet" (2007 mix) - the melody was actually conceived by the singer in his dreams as a child. Produced in 2007 after 40 years of conception, it was originally recreated to serve as the theme song for the "Mad Music Dementia Top 20" radio show hosted by David Tanny through the end of 2007, then revived by DJ Particle for the year of 2008. It also served as the closing theme song of Tanny's podcast "I Still Get Demented Podcast Edition" in the year 2008.

    15. Fan Speculation (2010) - an original rap that goes into pop culture without limiting itself to sci-fi topics.

    16. Adventures of Humid Man, The (2007) - another kind of superhero comes in to save the day! It features a sweat-soaked superhero who helps the police save the day by fighting crime. This was inspired by working in a hot and stuffy place of business where the singer always drips in sweat due to the workplace's poor air conditioning system.

    17. Classroom Sketch (2009) - featuring an instructor trying to teach a lesson on the music of "Weird Al" Yankovic.

    18. Unsolved Mysteries: Valerie Bertinelli (2008) - OK. Just how does she stay cute for decades?!? The world may never know.

    19. Fantasy Peninsula (2009) - a sendup of the TV show "Fantasy Island" featuring a man who travels back to the year 1976.

    20. Mary Had a Little Lamb - The Woodchucks (1981) - Something I combined when I sped up an old cassette player to double the speed of my voice while synching it to an old Magnus organ. This was way before digital stuff made this extra work obsolete.

    21. Mary Lost Her Little Lamb (2000) - What would happen to Mary.


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