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Freshy Kanal
Date Born/Group Began:
Date Died/Group Ended:
Also Known As:

 Songs Coraline vs. Alice in Wonderland
Denji vs. Ash Williams - (with 'Freshy Kanal feat. Swizkii & Snakebite126') Donald Trump vs. Mr. Burns
Donkey Kong vs. Winston - (with 'Freshy Kanal feat. Titanium1208 & BluBirdVA')
Frankenstein vs. Hulk - (with 'Freshy Kanal feat. Eric the Audible, Fightmaker & Mr. Tibbs')
Garden Gnome vs. Cymbal Chimp - (with 'Freshy Kanal feat. Freeced & Snakebite126')
Jack Horner vs. Dr. Eggman - (with 'Freshy Kanal feat. Freeced & Luke Reardon') Jaws vs. The Loch Ness Monster - (with 'Freshy Kanal feat. Snakebite126') King Dice vs. Oogie Boogie - (with 'Freshy Kanal feat. McGwire & Chase Beck') King Julien vs. King Louie - (with 'Freshy Kanal feat. Snakebite126 & Chase Beck') Kirby vs. The Very Hungry Caterpillar - (with 'Freshy Kanal feat. Azia & Snakebite126') Loki vs. Count Olaf - (with 'Freshy Kanal feat. The Stupendium & Shwabadi') Maleficent vs. Scarlet Witch - (with 'Freshy Kanal feat. HalaCG & DayumDahlia') Matilda vs. Eleven - (with 'Freshy Kanal feat. HalaCG & Azia') Morbius vs. Dracula - (with 'Freshy Kanal feat. Chase Beck & Littleflecks')
Natsuki vs. Raven - (with 'Freshy Kanal feat. JesseBoxVO & Peachumari')
Paul Bunyan vs. Johnny Appleseed - (with 'Freshy Kanal feat. Freeced & Mr. Tibbs') Peter Griffin vs. Homer Simpson - (with 'Freshy Kanal feat. Chris Voiceman & Joe Cliff Thompson')
Power vs. Nezuko - (with 'Freshy Kanal feat. Chi-Chi & Azia')
Queen of Hearts vs. Wicked Witch of the West - (with 'Freshy Kanal feat. Michaela Laws & Cami-Cat'),_The.mp3 Spy vs. Robbie Rotten, The - (with 'Freshy Kanal feat. Snakebite126') The Flash vs. Sonic The Hedgehog - (with 'Freshy Kanal feat. Mat4yo & Alex M.') Trevor Henderson vs. Corpse Husband - (with 'Freshy Kanal feat. Nathan Provost & Alex M.') Wonder Woman vs. Daenerys Targaryen Yuri vs. Toko Fukawa - (with 'Freshy Kanal feat. Chi-Chi & K.C.')
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