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A-Log on the Airwaves - October 29, 2022
Topic: Halloween (Part 2 of 2)

This show has 4 parts:

Part 1
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Hour 1
The Mojo Mansion (intro) (background only)Michael Giacchino
Better Get Bloody  [first known play]Young Jeffrey
HalloweenHeywood Banks
Voorhees  [only known play]2 Sleeps
My Friend JasonThe Five Dementians
Weevil Dead (background only)Bug Too! OST
Zombie WalkThe Magics
Zombie CrushGroovie Ghoulies
Zombie-and-BTom Smith
Some Zombie by George RomeroInsane Ian feat. The Stacey
Brain FoodSudden Death
Zombie Caverns (background only)3 Kliks Philip
Dr. Heckyll & Mr. JiveMen at Work
Every Day is HalloweenMinistry
Maleficent vs. Scarlet Witch (edit)  [first known play]Freshy Kanal feat. HalaCG & DayumDahlia
The Mummy Forgot the ChipsJoe Moore's Explodin' Halloween Garage
Mummy!  [first known play]Trevor Walls feat. Mista Cookie Jar & The Oot n' oots
Mystic Mansion (background only)Sonic Heroes OST
Part 2
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Hour 2
The Man in BlackThe Undertaker
Broken Out in Love (Wyatt Family Mix)Mark Crozer & The Rels
Lotta BodiesDevo Spice feat. the great Luke Ski
Mr. Baker, the UndertakerRay Stevens
Icebox (background only)Jonathan Dunn
Cover of the NecronomiconTom Smith
Blues Campbellthe great Luke Ski
Don't Fall Asleep (edit)  [first known play]Jeff Whitmire feat. Mia Chainsaw
Gory Gory Hallelujahthe great Luke Ski
Scary Movies RuleSpookster & The Scaremenots
Cemetery Boss (Spin 'n Puke) (background only)Greg Weber & Steve Henifin
Dreadful Time of Year  [only known play]Trevor Walls
Halloween SpooksLambert, Hendricks & Ross
2 Old 2 Trick or Treat (2 Young 2 Die)Megathruster
Trick or Treatin'Devo Spice
The Tricker of TreatsRobert Lund
Eduardo O'LanternTV's Kyle
Pumpkin Hill (Instrumental) (background only)Sonic Adventure 2 OST
Part 4
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The Bonus Round (Adult's Only!)
Morbius vs. Dracula  [only known play]Freshy Kanal feat. Chase Beck & Littleflecks
Next week: Cheese

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