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Artist Details

The Electric Amish
Contact: E-Mail (Captain Wayne) 
Date Born/Group Began:
Date Died/Group Ended:
Also Known As:
Barry Goodman (Guitar, Drums, Vocals) (Captain Wayne)
Carl Goodman (Guitar, Vocals) (Captain Wayne)
Graeber Goodman (Guitar, Vocals) (Captain Wayne)

 Songs (Welcome to) My Home in Pennsylvania - (with 'Electric Amish') A Girl On Theology - (with 'Electric Amish') All Right Cow - (with 'Electric Amish') Amish Country Blues, The Amish Lady - (with 'Electric Amish') Amish Man - (with 'Electric Amish') Barn To Be Wild - (with 'Electric Amish')'_Horse_And_Buggy.mp3 Big Ol' Horse And Buggy - (with 'Electric Amish') Black Bonnet Girls - (with 'Electric Amish') Christmas Time In Amish Land - (with 'Electric Amish') Come Together (And Build A Barn) Donkey Walk - (with 'Electric Amish') Farmegeddon - (with 'Electric Amish') For Your Mule - (with 'Electric Amish') Give Me Three Pigs - (with 'Electric Amish') Graeber B Goode - (with 'Electric Amish') Graeber Be Good (with Johnny L - (with 'Electric Amish') Hay Ride - (with 'Electric Amish')'s_From_Goshen.mp3 He's From Goshen - (with 'Electric Amish') Heathen - (with 'Electric Amish') I Want To Dress In Black & White (And Work Real Hard All Day) I Want To Hoe Your Land Mennonite Blues - (with 'Electric Amish') Mennonite Girl - (with 'Electric Amish') Mush - (with 'Electric Amish') My Congregation - (with 'Electric Amish') No More Menonite Guy - (with 'Electric Amish') Parson - (with 'Electric Amish') Parson Klaus Is Coming to Town - (with 'Electric Amish')'s_Back.mp3 Parson's Back, The - (with 'Electric Amish')'_In_My_Buggy).mp3 Proud Gretta (Rollin' In My Buggy) - (with 'Electric Amish') Sweet Home Indiana - (with 'Electric Amish') Very Amish Christmas - (with 'Electric Amish') We Are An Amish Band Wear Black - (with 'Electric Amish') What If Tom Was One of Us - (with 'Electric Amish') Y2K Crash - (with 'Electric Amish')
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