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J. C. Anderson
Contact: E-Mail (J.C. Anderson) 
Date Born/Group Began: Sept. 2, 1944 (J.C. Anderson) 
Date Died/Group Ended: a few years in the future (J.C. Anderson) 
Also Known As:
Johnny Arizona (J.C. Anderson)
This "Artist" is alive and well. I know this because he is me.

I wrote and recorded this riciculous (but kinda cute little ditty) around two dozen years ago and it got one play on the Doctor D Show. Had I known then that I was an "Artist" I would have "drawn" more ditties from the well that I pulled this one out of. Whataya mean that's not a well?

Anyway, my heart was set on making it in music in Nashville at that time so I continued down that Country Road.

Destiny and me did not agree so I never made it in Nashville even though I had a few songs published.

I've been toying around with cutting another novelty tune called Old People.


This is not about yer dear old Grandpa or Grandma or yer Aunt Enda, it's about real cranky Old People like me

Old People dontcha just hate 'em
Old People dontcha just hate 'em
wouldn't you like to eradicate them
Old People

All the time talkin' 'bout the Good Old Days
and how far they walked to school
uphill thru the snow both ways
they think they're so damned cool

Old People...(repeat chorus)

Now you know we can't eradicate Old People
ain't legal you all
but maybe we could just round 'em all up
and put 'em behind a big ol' wall
Like that one in CHINA!!!

Old People dontcha just hate 'em
Old People dontcha just hate
but we ain't gonna eradicate them
Old People

I had to make sure that I emphasized the point that "we" whoever "we" is or are, aren't really out to eradicate Old People.

I don't want all them damned Old People in the F.B.I. comin' after me.

If you like this lyric, let me know.
If you don't like it...keep yer damned mouth shut!
I'm only kinda kiddin' about that last part.

I think I posted this in the wrong place, sorry.
(J.C. Anderson)
  • Since I cut this little ditty I swam across the Mississippi River hand cuffed behind my back and with my legs shackled and I also held my breath longer than Harry Houdini's best recorded time. So, I suppose I might be "mad," but I'm still kinda happy and in incredible physical condition. And, I'm thrilled to find that the mad music Archive considers me an "artist" even though I would never have applied that title to myself. Thanks. (J.C. Anderson)
  • Played on 1 show:
    03-06-83, #83-10
    Greasy Spoon
    Artist Images:

    Messages about the artist: "J. C. Anderson"

    Tim P. Ryan   Offline  -  Participant, MP3  -  09-20-07 12:44 AM  -  14 years ago
    Hi there, Moderator Tim here. Looks like you gave us plenty of information in the right places. Thanks for joining us at TMMA.

    One of the things we have here is an MP3 store. If you would like us to make you song available to others here, get a hold of Captain Wayne, he will give you the details. Supporting those who had some play on DrD, but don't want to put a bunch of money into a re-lease of older material is one of our targets.

    However, no we know heard your song in that March 6, 1983 DrD show. Did you end up with a copy provided by DrD or WWOne? That show was distributed on tape, but when the show was put on LPs by WWOne, DrD was very good at getting a copy of the first show to the artist or contributor when the song was played on that show.

    J.C. Anderson   Offline  -  Artist  -  09-19-07 09:13 PM  -  14 years ago
    This is probably where I should have posted all the junk that I posted above.

    Who ever moderates this place can feel free to eradicate or relocate the stuff I posted above.
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