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Axel The Sot
Date Born/Group Began: Axel Begins: 1988 (Fenwick) 
Date Died/Group Ended: Going strong (Fenwick) 
Also Known As:
Axel (Fenwick)
Fenwick Biggle (Fenwick)
  • Contrary to what he portraits in his Axel character, in real life, Scott drinks very little. (Fenwick)
  • Scott Hendricks (axel) does all his own design, artwork and layouts for his CDs. (Fenwick)
  •  Songs 1 Eyed Cat - (with 'Axel the Sot') 101 Nights - (with 'Axel the Sot') 5 Constipated Men - (with 'Axel the Sot') 5 Constipated Men (Intro) - (with 'Axel the Sot') 5 Constipated Men Of The Bible, The - (with 'Axel the Sot') A Beer Song - (with 'Axel the Sot') A Final Word of Warning - (with 'Axel the Sot') A New Tattoo - (with 'Axel the Sot')!.mp3 A Toast! - (with 'Axel the Sot')!_(2).mp3 A Toast! (2) - (with 'Axel the Sot') About the Wife - (with 'Axel the Sot')!_Two_Cannibals_Three_Old_Ladies.mp3 Ahoy!: Two Cannibals: Three Old Ladies - (with 'Axel the Sot') All For Me Grog - (with 'Axel the Sot') Angus Joke, The - (with 'Axel the Sot') Axel and the Doctor - (with 'Axel the Sot') Axel and the Missus - (with 'Axel the Sot') Axel and the Missus - (with 'Axel the Sot') Axel Meets the Virgin Queen - (with 'Axel the Sot') Back To The Sea - (with 'Axel the Sot')!.mp3 BARKEEP! - (with 'Axel the Sot') Barrel Joke, The - (with 'Axel the Sot') Bastard King of England - (with 'Axel the Sot') Bastard Robin - (with 'Axel the Sot') Beer Is Better Than Women - (with 'Axel the Sot') Beer is Better Than Women (Live) - (with 'Axel the Sot')'s_Song.mp3 Beggarman's Song, The - (with 'Axel the Sot') Black Velvet Band - (with 'Axel the Sot') Botany Bay - (with 'Axel the Sot') By the Wayside (Live) - (with 'Axel the Sot') Canada Dry - (with 'Axel the Sot') Carlton Weaver - (with 'Axel the Sot') Clare To Here - (with 'Axel the Sot') Clean Song, The - (with 'Axel the Sot') Cockles and Mussels - (with 'Axel the Sot') Crowd Getter - (with 'Axel the Sot')'s_Nest.mp3 Cuckoo's Nest - (with 'Axel the Sot') Dance, The - (with 'Axel the Sot') Darla - (with 'Axel the Sot') Dirties Limerick in the World, The - (with 'Axel the Sot') DMD - (with 'Axel the Sot') Do Re Mi - (with 'Axel the Sot') Dragonslayer - (with 'Axel the Sot') Drink Boys Drink - (with 'Axel the Sot') Drunken Sailor - (with 'Axel the Sot') Drunken Sailor (Kegman version) - (with 'Axel the Sot') Drunken Sailor (live) - (with 'Axel the Sot') Factory Girl - (with 'Axel the Sot') Ferrin McDobbin - (with 'Axel the Sot')'s_Green.mp3 Fiddler's Green - (with 'Axel the Sot') Fly (Intro), The - (with 'Axel the Sot') Fly (live), The - (with 'Axel the Sot') Fly, The - (with 'Axel the Sot') Gift, The - (with 'Axel the Sot') Going to Sea - (with 'Axel the Sot') Good Ship Venus, The - (with 'Axel the Sot') Hard Boiled Egg Song, The - (with 'Axel the Sot') Health To The Company - (with 'Axel the Sot') Hey Ladies Ho Ladies - (with 'Axel the Sot') History of the Minstrel, Part 1, The - (with 'Axel the Sot') History of the Minstrel, Part 2, The - (with 'Axel the Sot') Holden McGroin - (with 'Axel the Sot') Holly Jolly Christmas - (with 'Axel the Sot') Horse Sense - (with 'Axel the Sot')'_All_Over_Again.mp3 Hurtin' All Over Again - (with 'Axel the Sot') Insomnia - (with 'Axel the Sot')!.mp3 Intro: A Toast! - (with 'Axel the Sot')'s_Good_to_be_a_Pirate.mp3 It's Good to be a Pirate - (with 'Axel the Sot') Itches In Me Britches - (with 'Axel the Sot') Jock Stewart - (with 'Axel the Sot')'Drunken_Dilemma'.mp3 Kegman in 'Drunken Dilemma' - (with 'Axel the Sot')'Floating_Tavern_of_Trouble'.mp3 Kegman in 'Floating Tavern of Trouble' - (with 'Axel the Sot')'Nose_News_is_Good_News'.mp3 Kegman in 'Nose News is Good News' - (with 'Axel the Sot')'The_Legend_of_Capt_Salty'.mp3 Kegman in 'The Legend of Capt. Salty' - (with 'Axel the Sot') KEGMAN-Episode 12 - (with 'Axel the Sot') KEGMAN-Episode 14 - (with 'Axel the Sot') Knockersbee - (with 'Axel the Sot') Lark Of The Morning - (with 'Axel the Sot') Lesbian Frogs - (with 'Axel the Sot') Lilly the Pink - (with 'Axel the Sot') Limerick Song (Live), The - (with 'Axel the Sot') Liquer Store - (with 'Axel the Sot') Maid of Amsterdam - (with 'Axel the Sot')'s_When_You're_Young.mp3 Maid's When You're Young - (with 'Axel the Sot') Mermaid, The - (with 'Axel the Sot') Moonshiner, The - (with 'Axel the Sot') More on the Wife - (with 'Axel the Sot') My First Book: Jack and Jill - (with 'Axel the Sot') New Drink - (with 'Axel the Sot') Night Out - (with 'Axel the Sot') No Balls At All - (with 'Axel the Sot') Paddy Murphy - (with 'Axel the Sot') Pea Soup Fog - (with 'Axel the Sot')!_Song!_(Intro).mp3 PHHHART! Song! (Intro), The - (with 'Axel the Sot')!_Song!.mp3 PHHHART! Song!, The - (with 'Axel the Sot') Pirate Promo featuring The Jolly Rogers - (with 'Axel the Sot') Plowboy of Kent (live), The - (with 'Axel the Sot') Plowboy of Kent, The - (with 'Axel the Sot') Red Haired Mary - (with 'Axel the Sot') Roll Me Over (in the clover) (Live) - (with 'Axel the Sot') Roll Your Leg Over (Live) - (with 'Axel the Sot') Saddest Tale, The - (with 'Axel the Sot') Scene 1: A Morning Stroll to the Pub - (with 'Axel the Sot') Scene 10: A Surprise from KEGMAN - (with 'Axel the Sot') Scene 11: A Surprise from Ferrin - (with 'Axel the Sot') Scene 12: (continued) - (with 'Axel the Sot')!.mp3 Scene 12: Attack of the Fops! - (with 'Axel the Sot') Scene 13: (continued) - (with 'Axel the Sot') Scene 13: Axel Returns - (with 'Axel the Sot') Scene 2: (continued) - (with 'Axel the Sot')!.mp3 Scene 2: Bloody Pirates! - (with 'Axel the Sot') Scene 3: (continued) - (with 'Axel the Sot') Scene 3: Axel Implores Willie I.O. - (with 'Axel the Sot') Scene 4: Shotglass Reveals a Secret - (with 'Axel the Sot') Scene 5: (continued) - (with 'Axel the Sot')'s_Cure_All.mp3 Scene 5: Professor Felonious Stipplebeck's Cure All - (with 'Axel the Sot')'s_Evil_Plan.mp3 Scene 6: Evil Warlord Gorgon's Evil Plan - (with 'Axel the Sot') Scene 7: Axel is Discovered - (with 'Axel the Sot') Scene 8: A Hero is Born - (with 'Axel the Sot') Scene 9: Back at the Pub - (with 'Axel the Sot') Scotsman, The - (with 'Axel the Sot') Seven Old Ladies - (with 'Axel the Sot') Ship Shape - (with 'Axel the Sot') Sore Throat - (with 'Axel the Sot') Spancil Hill - (with 'Axel the Sot') Spanish Ladies - (with 'Axel the Sot') Star Of The County Down - (with 'Axel the Sot') Streets Of London - (with 'Axel the Sot') Three Whores From Winnipeg (Live) - (with 'Axel the Sot')'Till_the_Jug_is_Dry.mp3 Till the Jug is Dry - (with 'Axel the Sot') Two Minstrels - (with 'Axel the Sot')
    We Shouldn't Say Vagina's_the_Difference.mp3 What's the Difference - (with 'Axel the Sot') Whiskey in the Jar - (with 'Axel the Sot') Will I Ever Be Sober? - (with 'Axel the Sot') Willie I.O. - (with 'Axel the Sot') Willie I.O. (live) - (with 'Axel the Sot')'ll_Be_An_Evil_Warlord.mp3 You'll Be An Evil Warlord - (with 'Axel the Sot')

    Messages about the artist: "Axel The Sot"

    Fenwick   Offline  -  Artist  -  10-27-05 06:47 PM  -  18 years ago
    Tim P. Ryan   Offline  -  Participant, MP3  -  10-27-05 07:09 PM  -  18 years ago
    High there?

    Thanks for joining us. Your membership record has been upgraded to artist.

    Bye the by, have we seen you at the Michigan Ren Faires?

    Fenwick   Offline  -  Artist  -  10-30-05 10:16 PM  -  18 years ago
    Hey Tim,
    Yes I've done partial runs (2 to 4 weeks) at the Mich Faire for many years (last appearance was 2004) mostly performing my naughty pub show at the Guiness Pub.
    I did one full run about 12 years ago appearing solo and with my sometimes partner Gibbon the Troubadour. Together we are known as KEELHAULER!. We performed on the Ship stage. I can't recall the stage name but we shared it with Ded Bob (for whom I have drawn a few of his t-shirts).


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