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Lord Buckley
Date Born/Group Began: April 5, 1906 (Adam) 
Date Died/Group Ended: November 12, 1960 (Adam) 
Also Known As:
Dick 'Lord' Buckley (soweird)
RICHARD MYRLE BUCKLEY (birth name) (Adam)
  • His Royal Hipness, a most immaculately hip aristocrat, the Lord of Flip Manor, a professor of Beatnikism, the Wordman from Wordland, the hippest man who ever lived, His Flipness, His Strictly Trippiness, His Most Incredible Crypticness, the Reverend of Irreverence, the Paul Bunyan of Bravado, His Double-Hip Ebullientness, His Intractable Impracticalness, His Undoubtedly Way Outedliness, the Charlie Parker of Talk, the Fred Astaire of the Tongue Dance, the Guru of the Gone World, the Paganini of Prose, the Man with the Multiple Minds and the Magical Mouth, the Voice of the Viper from the Vortex, the Cardinal of Cool, the Vicar of Visionaries, the Bishop of Bebop, Beatness and Boo, the Loose-Lipped Lingo Lover, the Purple Pope of the Poetical Patois, Hipster Saint, a far out, wailin', nonstop, groovy gasser, a hemp-headed hipster , a picaresque pill-popping darling of Al Capone, a jazz philosopher, a gallivanting guru, a scotch-swigging shaman, the original viper, the Hall of Fame Hipster, the baddest beatnik, the first flower child, the premier rapper, the combination of Walt Whitman, Charlie Parker, Baudelaire and Laurence Olivier, a secret thing passed under the table, a philosophic humorist, hip-talk poet, c**k-eyed historian, Royal Holiness of the Far Out, Prophet of the Hip, a hipster's hipster, the Hip Messiah, Royal Holiness of the Far Out, Prophet of the Hip, the baddest beatnik, the first flower child, the professor of Hipology, the only hip white cat in town, the purest, noblest, and most beautiful hipster, Reverend of Irreverence . . . (Adam)
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    Messages about the artist: "Lord Buckley"

    Adam   Offline  -  Participant  -  02-05-07 02:29 AM  -  17 years ago
    His Lordship was not a stand-up comic, a poet, nor a "perfomance artist". What he was is much harder to pin down. He is most remembered for taking old, well known stories, speeches, and soliloquies and transforming them into what he called, the "Hip-semantic". That is to say, hip language, also called jive, used primarily by jazz musicians of his day.

    While transcriptions of all of his works can be read on his website (in the section called Wordland), his true genius can only be appreciated by those that listen to his work. What he said was amazing, but how he said it was truly all-important to the act. The power of his voice (unmatched to this day), and the rhythyms and cadence of his performances are impossible to describe.

    Seek out the recordings, drop any preconceived notions, turn off the phone, and just listen. I highly recommend starting with The Raven. He takes the familiar classic by Poe and turns it into a powerful spokenword piece unlike anything you have heard before.

    There is a pretty good performance of The Raven on youtube by a guy named Jim Dvorak. Does the original proud, I'd have to say. Find it here:
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