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Sarcasticus Maximus

Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit. 
Quinter, KS
United States
Last Login: November 5, 2008
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Member Since: Saturday, October 25, 2008
Number of Posts: 5
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Sarcasticus Maximus's Interests
General History, Sarcasm
Music "Among all men on the earth bards have a share of honor and reverence, because the muse has taught them songs and loves the race of bards." Homer "I hate music, especially when it's played. " Jimmy Durante "Music is the only language in which you cannot say a mean or sarcastic thing." John Erskine
Movies Ben Hur. "Behind the phony tinsel of Hollywood lies the real tinsel." Oscar Levant (1906 - 1972)
Television "[The television is] an invention that permits you to be entertained in your living room by people you wouldn't have in your home." David Frost
Books Homer, Pliny the Elder, Plato, Socrates, Thomas Sowell, Groucho Marx, Aristotle, Archimedes, Calvin and Hobbes
Heroes All those who seek the glory of Rome! "There are new words now that excuse everybody. Give me the good old days of heroes and villains. the people you can bravo or hiss. There was a truth to them that all the slick credulity of today cannot touch. " Bette Davis (1908 - 1989), The Lonely Life, 1962
Sarcasticus Maximus's Blog
11/05/08Congratulations president elect Obama  (0 Comments)
10/28/08Obama parody: "People in your Neighborhood"  (2 Comments)
10/25/08AN ELECTION! Can we fix it?  (4 Comments)
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