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I Still Get Demented #15-42 October 3, 2015
Topic: All Fake Commercials + One Real One

This show has 4 parts:

Part 1
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  • Commercials On 45Stevens And Grdnic
    Mariah's Carey's Greatest Screamin' Hits original 2000 mixDavid Tanny Featuring Mariah Carey
    Part 2
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  • Eminem Alarm Clock98 Rock
    -The American Comedy Network
    Polar Pro: Texas TrotsThe Firesign Theatre
    America InlineThe American Comedy Network
    AppleplastyGreg "Eggman" Moore
    Michael Jackson For VaselineKiller Spam (aka John Mammoser)
    Relatives Dot ComGreg "Eggman" Moore
    -The American Comedy Network
    -NBC's Saturday Night Live
    ET Julia Child Failed Audition  [only known play]Killer Spam (aka John Mammoser)
    Satan CigarettesWammo
    -Wayne Keyser
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  • -Smart Bomb Radio
    The AsylumYou Don't Know Jack Players
    Law And Order-TMIGreg "Eggman" Moore
    Hairloss 2000The Legendary Ten Seconds
    Simpsons Movie With Micahel JacksonKiller Spam (aka John Mammoser)
    Continental SteelRobert Klein
    Evelyn Woodski Slow Reading CourseNBC's Saturday Night Live
    -NBC's Saturday Night Live
    Osama Bin Laden In Survivor 3  [only known play]Killer Spam (aka John Mammoser)
    The Rap Institute Of AmericaDarryl Rhoades
  • -
  • -NBC's Saturday Night Live
    -Killer Spam (aka John Mammoser)
    Scar WarsGreg "Eggman" Moore
    Unconscious Village: Last Days SaleThe Firesign Theatre
    Tim Hawkins Free Credit Report Dot Com SpoofTim Hawkins
    -The American Comedy Network
    Bogus Concerts  [only known play]Stevens And Grdnic
    Michael Jackson's New AlbumKiller Spam (aka John Mammoser)
    The Neti Coffee PotGreg "Eggman" Moore
    Action News Mike Tyson  [only known play]Killer Spam (aka John Mammoser)
    Part 3
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  • Harry Pothead And The Sorcerer is Stoned98 Rock
    Get A Life FoundationTyrone Kahn
    Jane Fonda's New WorkoutKiller Spam (aka John Mammoser)
    New Computer TechnologyGreg "Eggman" Moore
    -The American Comedy Network
    Getting High With Michael JacksonKiller Spam (aka John Mammoser)
    The Samsung SmartwatchGreg "Eggman" Moore
    Town Talk w George Newman"Weird Al" Yankovic
    -NBC's Saturday Night Live
    -Killer Spam (aka John Mammoser)
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  • -The American Comedy Network
    White Man Black GirlSCTV Players
    Helium Manufacturers Of America (featuring Rick Nelson)NBC's Saturday Night Live
    The Apple iPeedGreg "Eggman" Moore
    Evil Weed  [only known play]Mike Toomey
    -The American Comedy Network
    -Killer Spam (aka John Mammoser)
    Amazon Optimus PrimeGreg "Eggman" Moore
    Ding Bat ManRick Dees
    Armageddon: The MusicalKiller Spam (aka John Mammoser)
    Mac vs. PC Jumps The Shark  [only known play]Smart Bomb Radio
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    Shalom DepotGreg "Eggman" Moore
    Crazy Sammy's Discount StoreThe Vestibules
    Junior's Discount Frozen Embryo World  [only known play]The Reverend Billy C. Wirtz
    Dermadrug  [only known play]Stevens and Grdnic
    Michael Jackson Trial in Bubbles Gone WildKiller Spam (aka John Mammoser)
    PeenomoreGreg "Eggman" Moore
    Evelyn Woodhead Speed Reading Course  [only known play]Cheech And Chong
    Clinton For ViagraKiller Spam (aka John Mammoser)
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  • Flat BunsCarl's Jr.
    Part 4
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  • Channel 3 Commercials  [only known play]David Tanny at age 12
    ZeemDavid Tanny at age 12
    EekDavid Tanny at age 12
    Radio ShackGuns N' Moses
    Next week: The 75th Birth Anniversary of John Lennon

    Listing added by:  davidtanny

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