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Madness - Madness
I Can't Get Enough of Christmas - Project: Pimento
Down in the Trailer Park - Bubba Claus
Fifty Kilowatt Tree - Bobs, The
Decorations - Bob Rivers
Overdecorated - Robert Lund
Aluminum Christmas Tree - David DeBoy
All I Want For Christmas - Joel Kopischke
Money For Christmas - Laszlo & Gary
Dear Santa (live) - Sean Morey
I Want An Alien For Christmas - Fountains Of Wayne
Stop Giving Me Crap for Christmas - Bobby Gaylor
Christmas Cash - Fred Figglehorn
Aquaclaus - Bob Rivers
Mall Santa - Camryn Manheim Steamroller, The
Santa is a Psycho - Dan Hart
I Saw Elvis Dressed As Santa Claus - Fibs, The
There's A Santa Who Looks A Lot Like Elvis - Bob Rivers & Twisted Radio
Holiday Hotel - Hollytones, The
Manger 6 - Bob Rivers
Holidaze - Bob Rivers & Twisted Radio
Still Haven't Found What I'm Shopping For - Peter Wildman
Shopping Mall Of Broken Dreams - Joel Kopischke
Shopping With a Weapon in My Hand - Rick Cormier
Stop At The Nearest Mall - Hollytones, The
Pokemon - Bob Rivers
Gift Emergency - Bill Engvall
I Yust Go Nuts at Christmas - Yogi Yorgesson
I Shot Santa in My Underwear - Fools, The
Holiday Message - Johnny Cash
Smells Like the Night Before Christmas - Bob Rivers
Santa's Stuck Up In The Chimney - Paul Evans
Ground Control To Santa Claus - Joel Kopischke
Dearest Mr Santa Claus - Heywood Banks
Didn't I Get This Last Year? - Bob Rivers & Twisted Radio
Santa Brought Me Choo Choo Trains - Spike Jones & His City Slickers
Exchanges - Peter Wildman
Maxed-Out Credit Cards - Robert Lund
Only 364 Shopping Days 'Til Christmas - Cledus T. Judd
Madness - Madness
The Mad Music Show #214 - July 31, 2017
Topic: Christmas in July (with guest host Dave AuJus)


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