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Rank this week: 33
Duration: 3:05 
Release Date: 2005  (Tim P. Ryan) 
Lyrics By: Matthew Hodgson "That One Guy" (thatoneguyonlinedotcom) 
Music By: Matthew Hodgson "That One Guy" (thatoneguyonlinedotcom) 
Produced By: Matthew Hodgson (thatoneguyonlinedotcom) 
Released By:
Published By:
  • Check out a fan made video at (thatoneguyonlinedotcom)
  • Check out a fan made video at (thatoneguyonlinedotcom)
  • This song is about Back to the Future! (thatoneguyonlinedotcom)
  • parody of 1985 by Bowling For Soup (2005) (Tim P. Ryan)
  • Song Lyrics:
    by Matthew Hodgson "That One Guy"

    Marty went to the mall, after the Doc’s call
    Was shown a DeLorean, got chased by Libyans
    He went back in time to 1955
    Ran into his mom and dad, then it all went bad
    He was gonna be a guitarist, he made an audition tape
    He and Jennifer where gonna go up to the lake
    But now the DMC has become a time machine
    It looks like Marty McFly has to spend a week in the 50s

    Davy Croccet
    Mr. Sandman
    Way before Goldie Wilson
    He paid 5 cents for coffe
    No such thing thing a Pepsi Free
    His parrents in high school
    They think that he is so cool
    Cause he has gone back in time to 19 19 1955

    Hes’ got to get his parrents
    To fall in love again
    So that he might not fade into oblivian
    He stood up to biff…He’s Not too fond oh him
    Still doesn’t see any hair, on Mr. Strickland

    He woke up his dad with Van Halen
    He told him to ask loran he brain melt him
    He’s said he’s her destiny, not her density
    But she had some one else on her mind
    It was Calvin Cline

    Mayor Thomas
    Marvin Berry
    Way before things were heavy
    Chuck Taylors
    And oldies
    An no such thing as MTV
    His parents in high school
    They think that he is so cool
    Cause Marty has traveled through time
    To 19 19 1955

    He hates time traveling
    When did Jonny be Good become rock in roll
    And when did Huey become an actor
    I’m afraid your just too darn loud

    And go back to the future
    The 80s
    Way after the 50s
    There are purple undies
    And Biff is big woosy
    His parrent are cool now
    And in the house looks good now
    He’s so glad to be out of 1955

    The future
    The the 80s
    Way after the 50s
    He’s got a hot truck
    His parents are still in love
    His girlfriend, Jennifer
    Wants him to park with her
    He so glad to be out of 19 19 1955

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    Messages about the song: "1955"
    thatoneguyonlinedotcom   Offline  -  Artist  -  09-03-05 09:26 AM  -  16 years ago
    1955 is #2 on the Funny Five this week (9/4/2005)!

    Thanks anybody who requested it!

    - Matt
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