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Song Details
Duration: 4:20 
Release Date: 1988  (dan0311) 
Lyrics By: Dan Crider (dan0311) 
Music By: Dan Crider (dan0311) 
Produced By: Hal Heyer (dan0311) 
Released By: Garbled Records (dan0311) 
Published By:
  • Oh, I should also mention that the Four Q's, although being a real band, didn't play on was all me, except for programming the drums, which was done by David Small who later went on to become the world's only Dallas based black Republican lawyer. The Four Q's are David Crider, Larry Permenter, Randy Wilkinson, me, and sometimes Hal Heyer when we can find him. Hal doesn't play, but he keeps the beer flowing like wine and wails on the drum machine between sips. We do get together to jam at my home studio and very occasionally play parties with a mix of classic rock (heavy on the Sabbath and Alice Cooper) and old punk with the occasional new songs thrown in so we don't feel totally irrelevant. But since music pretty much sucks these days, we haven't added much to our song list since Cobain died. But we still strap the guitars over our bloated guts and play our asses off five or six times a year, so the spirit is still willing, even if the flesh is weak and old and fat and has a new little mole or something that I've just GOT to get looked at. Cheers (dan0311)
  • Originally recorded on a Porta One home studio and played on Bo Robert's morning show on Q102 in Dallas. It started getting requests, and since the quality was pretty low tech, I recorded a better version on a friend's Fostex, but I hated it. So my bud Hal Heyer and I went in halfsies on a Tascam 388 recording desk and this was one of the first songs we recorded on it. We salvaged the drum track from the Fostex recording and re-did everything else. Ironically, after all that time and expense, by the time I got the finished version to Bo, the rep from Annheiser Busch had already told station management that if they played it again, they would yank their ads. Doctor Demento evidently had no A/B ads on his show and played it several times in the late 80's. It placed in the funny five a few times before hitting number one on June 25, 1989. Still have the masters from all versions if that annoying mutt ever attempts a comeback. (dan0311)
  • Song Lyrics:
    With chords, if you want to play along....

    E EE AGE
    See the sawed-off punk with the rented tux...
    E EE AGE
    He's got a million fans and twenty million bucks.
    A AA DCA
    When he parties down they meet him at the door.
    E EE AGE
    The kind of women he gets I gotta pay money for.

    So tonight we'll sneak into his house through the back
    And slip a little mickey in his doggie snack.
    So fire up the coals and get a dish
    Grab a leg and make a wish.

    D A E
    We're gonna barbecue Spuds Mackenzie,
    D A E
    Barbecue Spuds Mackenzie
    D A E
    Barbecue Spuds Mackenzie,
    D G E
    And have a nice, nice cold Coors Light.

    I invited him over for a frosty mug.
    I said "Go, Spuds, Go" and he went on the rug.
    I said "You're so hot" and he said "ho hum",
    And then I thought
    That a hot dog tastes great on a bun.

    Now don't call and tell me that it's inhumane.
    We'll use a Silver Bullet and he'll feel no pain.
    I checked it with the ASPCA,
    And they said send some ribs and a big fillet.

    We're gonna barbecue Spuds Mackenzie,
    Barbecue Spuds Mackenzie, barbecue Spuds Mackenzie,
    With a baked potato on the side.

    A E
    I want spuds with Spuds, spuds with Spuds,
    A B
    Spuds with Spuds, spuds with Spuds…

    There was a super party animal,
    His name was Spuds Mackenzie,
    He won't bark again because of his untimely end
    In a feeding frenzy.

    (That's right, he's America's favorite party animal and
    poolside entree. Whether it's Spuds Mignon or
    simply Spuds-On-A-Stick, the words "dog food"
    won't ever mean quite the same thing again.)

    Well I think that Spuds got what he deserved
    Because he's on the networks and he's on my nerves.
    And I hope nobody's feelings will get hurt
    If I wipe my mouth with a Spuds T-shirt.

    Well I'm feeling wild and crazy as can be
    Cause there's a party animal inside of me.
    And tomorrow night I want some more of that stuff.
    So I think I'm gonna take a bite out of McGruff.

    We're gonna barbecue Spuds Mackenzie

    D G E
    With Benji and Lassie on the side
    D G E
    And Foghorn Leghorn Kentucky Fried
    D G E
    And all the damn dogs that bark at night
    D G E
    And Mr. Ed if he gives us any trouble.
    D A E
    Hey, wouldn't Tom or Jerry taste good about now?
    (Yes, they would.... its real food for real people)
    So long Spuds...I hope you don't come back (up) too soon...
    Hey...Scooby Doo...Where are you?
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    Messages about the song: "Barbecue Spuds McKenzie"
    57Gumby   Offline  -  Member  -  12-04-14 11:32 PM  -  9 years ago
    How do you even get to hear it all the way through?
    Sluggo   Offline  -  Member  -  06-01-14 02:34 AM  -  9 years ago
    I've had this song in my head since I first heard it in 88. I'd love to get it on my ipod.
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