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Song Details
Duration: 3:29 
Release Date: 2004  (M_Robertcop) 
Lyrics By: Tony Goldmark (M_Robertcop) 
Music By: Joe Goldmark & Tony Goldmark (M_Robertcop) 
Produced By: Joe Goldmark & Kathi Kamen Goldmark (M_Robertcop) 
Released By: DQYDJ Records (M_Robertcop) 
Published By:
Licensing: BMI  #6862887 (M_Robertcop) 
Song Lyrics:
So you're in amphitheater, it’s a giant million-seater
And you've come to witness Britney Spears perform
And you sneak backstage and see her and she picks you out to be her
Male companion in her dressing room 'til morn
Soon you get the sneaking sense she’s not the virgin she pretends to be
As if there’s any doubt, but what a thrill (what a thrill)
And she suddenly jumps on your back, her teeth are somehow longer
And you wake up with the urge to maim and kill

Now you’re a...
Britney Zombie, out of control
Britney Zombie, ain't got no soul
You're a worthless little troll and your blood is freezing cold
Yes, now you’re a Britney Zombie!

Well you're searching all through eBay when suddenly you see a
Most peculiar item, Number 906666662
A bra that was undoubtedly a part of Britney’s outfit
In the video for "I'm A Slave For You"
So you place a bid and win it and in twenty thousand minutes
There it is! And you decide to put it on (put it on)
But it seems a little tight and every second it gets tighter
And it squeezes out your sense of right and wrong

Now you’re a...
Britney Zombie, wandering the streets
Britney Zombie, unable to speak
Now your mind is just as weak as your hunched over physique
Cause now you’re a Britney zombie!

Oh, When you’re a Britney Zombie
There is only one thing to be done (be done)
You listen to her music night and day
Every word she says you decide to obey
So you buy her albums by the case
And shun all members of the human race
Who refuse to join you in your fight
To prove that what’s popular MUST be right
And you listen only to techno songs
Til your brain turns into a banging gong
And you make sure MTV and VH1
Follow all her activities under the sun
And you say stuff like "Britney’s my Girl"
When she couldn’t care less about your pitiful world
And you keep this up until the Evil Side has won're...going to the store that rents out videos galore
And a label marked "Crossroads" just caught your eyes
You mistake it for a film about Blues legend Robert Johnson
But you’re in for a moderate surprise
Soon you’re staring at the ultimate style-over-substance skimpy costumed greasy psycho bimbo slut from hell (slut from hell)
You press Stop, it isn't stopping, the Angel of Death comes knocking
And you realize everything is swell

'Cause you’re a...
Britney Zombie, dumb as a sow
Britney Zombie, SHE'S your mother now!
Just pushing up the flowers, completely in her power
And your eyes are looking dead 'cause she barbecued your head
You’ve devoted all your life just to Satan's Trophy Wife…

Yes, now you’re a Britney Zombie
Isn’t she lucky?
You’re a zombie, just a slave for her!
(Captain Wayne)
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