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I Still Get Demented #03-17 May 5, 2003
Topic: new songs and requests, NOW FOUR HOURS LONG!!!

This show has 1 part:

Part 1
South Park Da DaSouth Park Cast
Howard the Duck  [first known play]Dolby's Cube feat. Cherry Bomb
  • -
  • -Chef
    Kathie Lee  [first known play]Chef
    -Duck Logic
    McDonald's  [only known play]Jerry Seinfeld
    Handy Man  [only known play]Wildman Fischer
    The Plumbing Song  [first known play]"Weird Al" Yankovic
  • -
  • DerailroadedWildman Fischer
    Purple HazeThe Roto Rooter Good Time Christmas Band
    The Cheese Boogie DeluxeThe Oosik Music Company
    ep118: Diff-Occult Times For Our Heroes  [first known play]The O.B. Ranger
  • -
  • Hail To Thee, Fat PersonAllan Sherman
    Speech is Free  [first known play]Rob Paravonian
    Cascade  [first known play]Carla Ulbrich
    Spatula City"Weird Al" Yankovic
    Some Weeks  [only known play]Tim Cavanagh
    Harry, The Hairy ApeRay Stevens
  • -
  • AlcoholRobin Williams
    I Bit William ShatnerWorm Quartet
    Farrah Fawcett I Love You  [only known play]Gary Russell
    Public Disservice Message: Zip Codes  [first known play]National Lampoon
    Curly's PantsCorky and The Juice Pigs
    Country Transvestite  [first known play]American Comedy Network
  • -
  • Me and Timmy McV  [only known play]Steve Goodie
    Noah: and The Neighbor  [only known play]Bill Cosby
    Smart Pill 44 Plan  [first known play]Da Yoopers
    Sink The BismarckThe Blues Brothers
    Perry Had A PimpleHeywood Banks
    -Amanda Green
  • -
  • Fussy Eater part 1George Carlin
    Timex Watch Commercial  [first known play]National Lampoon
    Fussy Eater part 2George Carlin
    Funny Man  [first known play]Ray Stevens
    Wildwood WeedJim Stafford
    Pedro's RequestCheech and Chong
    FramedCheech and Chong
  • -
  • Alcon 2000 Theme  [only known play]Power Salad
    A Day in the Life Of Green AcresDamaskas w/ Barnes and Barnes
    The Long Sliding Thing  [first known play]Dinah Washington
    Boobs (I Did 'Em Again)Steve Goodie
    Britney ZombieTony Goldmark
    I Got A CameraWildman Fischer
    Ed's Perfume  [first known play]The Frantics
    Rolling Kidney StonesCapitol Steps
  • -
  • Bathroom  [only known play]Jerry Seinfeld
    Dancin' Johnson (Part I)  [first known play]Bill Saluga
    Davy's DinghyRuth Wallis
    Yabba-Dabba-Do-aJohn Cougar Mammoser
    Grandpa FunkRobin Williams
    Psycho ChickenThe Fools
    Rumplemeyer's HorseshoesStan Freberg
    The Boot Cut (Pants Trance Dance Mix)  [only known play]Corky and The Juice Pigs
    Animal Square DanceEmo Philips
    Dolphin Boy  [only known play]Corky and The Juice Pigs
    -Power Salad
    The Knuckle SongBarry and The Bookbinders
    Bob Dole: Sex MachineMr. Zipp
    Candy and Gum  [first known play]Carla Ulbrich

    Listing added by:  davidtanny

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