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Duration: 6:21 
Release Date:
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Licensing: ASCAP  #360055763 
  • This song is very heavily based on The Robins "Framed", which was released in 1954. (Backwoods)
  • Song Lyrics:
    I was sitting in the coffee shop just minding my own affair
    When all of a sudden, this policeman caught me unaware
    Said, Is your name Pedro?
    I says, Yeah, I guess so
    Said, Then come with me, 'cause you're the man we been looking for

    I said, hey, man
    I been framed
    Hey, no, really, man
    I was framed
    Aw, I never do nothing wrong, man
    But every time I get the blame
    I been framed

    They put me in the lineup and let the bright lights shine
    There was ten poor dudes like me standing in that line
    I knew I was the victim of somebody's evil plan
    When this scroungy looking dude came up and said,
    Yeah, that's him, man

    Hey, wait a minute, man
    I been framed, man
    Aw, listen to me, judge
    I was framed
    I never do nothing wrong
    But every time I get the blame
    Hey, I been framed

    Then the prosecuting attorney started prosecuting on me
    That dude gave me the first, second, and third degree
    He said, Where were you on the night of July 29?
    I said, Man, I was home in bed
    He said, Judge, that man's lying

    I said wait a minute, man
    I was framed, man
    Hey, judge, listen to me, man
    Really, you gotta believe me
    I been framed, man
    I never do nothing wrong
    But every time I get the blame
    Oh, I was framed

    Now look, I deny the charges of having any weed
    And I also deny the charges of taking any speed
    I deny the charges of selling any grass
    But when the judge looked down and said, Guilty
    I said, judge, you can kiss my...

    Judge, I'm telling you the truth
    I was framed, man
    I never do nothing wrong
    But every time I get the blame
    Hey, I was framed

    Oh, framed
    You gotta believe me, judge
    That wasn't even my stuff
    I was holding it for a friend, man
    Could this face lie, man
    Oh, come on, judge
    Don't send me to camp, man
    I just got my car fixed, man

    Look, I just got a new tattoo and everything, man
    Oh, man, what a bumper, man

    Oh, come on, judge
    Gimme a break, man, please
    Aw, judge, come on, man
    Don't take me away, I was framed
    Man, really I been fraaaaaaaaaamed
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