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George Carlin
Date Born/Group Began: May 12, 1937 (will1410) 
Date Died/Group Ended: June 22, 2008 (ontheair) 
Also Known As:
George Denis Patrick Carlin (Stavro Arrgolus)
When people my age think of stand-up comedy, 3 names spring to mind. The ones Jon Stewart called "The Holy Trinity of Comedy". Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor, George Carlin. The style of stand-up they brought us was much needed during a time that was as repressed as these days are rapidly becoming, though when he began performing his patter was as square as they come.

He eventually realized that trying to be Mort Sahl wasn't going to get him anywhere, so, like Richard Pryor, who saw that trying to be Bill Cosby wasn't working, he turned counterculture- and his career took off. Appearances on Ed Sullivan gave his act national exposure, and led to a contract with a minor record label (which he bought, eventually) and to the comedy albums people my age all know and love.

It was at this time that all the trouble began when his 'Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television' from the 'Class Clown' album was broadcast on radio and the arrests and controversy over so called 'bad language' began again. Again...for our experience with Lenny Bruce and what was done to him was still fresh in our collective consciousness. Were we going to let the fascist fools kill this guy too? The times had changed, and people came to their senses. Unlike Lenny, George Carlin got to continue his career.
Carlin was the first host of Saturday Night Live, which he did very well...completely stoned. He had an ambition to be in TV and movies, but none of his projects made him a big star there. On many of his '70s albums, especially 'On The Road', where it's most obvious, he was completely spaced out. He soon paid for this lifestyle, with his first heart attack.
This caused him to stop performing almost completely for a few years, until the release of 1981's 'A Place For My Stuff', a left turn in the approach and intensity of his comedy that marked a fresh approach for his albums and cable specials, but unfortunately, became more intense and ranting as the '80s and '90s wore on. He ceased being a wordsmith and became more political and topical as he had at the beginning. He also began ranting more (bad idea), especially after the death of his wife in 1997.

During this time, he diversified a bit and wrote 3 books: 'Brain Droppings', 'Napalm & Silly Putty' and 'When Will Jesus Bring The Pork Chops?' each of which in turn became bestsellers. After a stint in rehab, his style softened a bit and his final HBO special, 'It's Bad For Ya' was his best cable performance in years. However, the cardiac problems he had suffered from for decades finally caught up to him and he died of heart failure on June 22, 2008.

It's a dozen kinds of wrong that he will likely be remembered best for his use of profanity and those 'seven dirty words'. Rather, he should be remembered as an enlightener who used his humor to make us see all the hypocrisy and stupidity in society and have a laugh at both. What's that overused phase? "Made us laugh; made us think." It certainly applies to him. Now that the last of the "Holy Trinity of Comedy" is gone, the progressive attitudes of his times he applied so well to his art go with him and in these dark times where the lowest common denominator rules the airwaves and mean-spirited ignorance is king, it's unlikely we'll see his like again anytime soon, if ever. Very unfortunate indeed, for if there was ever a time when we need George, it's now.

'Stavro Arrgolus', April 2007 -revised June 2008
(Stavro Arrgolus)
George Carlin was a man of Wisdom and Comedy. His snappy cynical humor was well ahead of the curve throughout his career. My favorite act by him was his Seven Words skit about the FCC. George Carlin, even in death, will always have a spot in the history of great comedy and far outshines almost any other act I can think of.- belowaveragedave
  • George Carlin:
    How Radio Changed My Life

    By George Carlin

    My plan was to get into radio first, [because] the audience wouldn’t be present and I could get confident. I had a nice tape recorder at home. They were very rare in the mid ’50s, but my mother got me one and I used to do mock-radio shows and interviews and fake commercials and all that kind of stuff. I thought I was good at that and it would be a good way to get started in show business.

    At that time they had a draft. In New York, the draft pool was very big, so they picked you much later… they picked 21-year-olds. I didn’t want my fate to rest in their hands, so I joined the Air Force at 17 after quitting school. And I thought, well, I’ll get out and I’ll have the GI bill to go to school and learn to be a disc jockey.

    Down in Shreveport, I ran into a guy in an amateur play that I was doing who had a disc jockey show, and I asked him to let me watch him. What I didn’t know is that he also owned the radio station. It was a small “daytimer”—KJOE, 1480 AM, 1,000 watt, daytime-only station. Shreveport was a very hot radio market; nine stations, and it was very competitive. We were the leader. By the time I got there, [KJOE] had a 52-share, which is incredible.

    After he got off the air, he asked me to read some news and commercial copy. He liked the way I was able to read and project my voice, so he gave me a weekend job reading newscasts only, weekends only. And then I worked my way into being a DJ.

    Top 40 was only a couple of years old; not many markets had Top 40 stations. We’re talking about stations that just played a single playlist, over and over. This was proving to be a big thing in the ’50s, and we were in on the ground floor. Rock ’n’ roll was just getting started. The year that I went there, Elvis Presley’s “Heartbreak Hotel” was the hit. It was just the beginning of the white people taking over the black people’s music.

    See, I grew up in Harlem. I grew up with real rhythm-and-blues, not that stuff by the McGuire Sisters and the Crew-Cuts and all of these fake, white groups that covered the black hits. I hated when the whites took over the music. I didn’t really enjoy this rock ’n’ roll as much as some of the kids I was playing it for. I just had that little cultural divide, where I was more of a black-music person and I was playing this hybrid of black music and country that came to be called rock ’n’ roll.

    Now, again, not passing judgment on rock ’n’ roll, ‘cause [it] came to be a philosophy beyond just a certain way of having the beats in a measure of music arranged. So I am definitely a rock ’n’ roll person when it comes to that. I understood why the kids liked it, I loved playing it ’cause it was energetic and exciting, but I wasn’t a fan. I would go back and pick out other things.

    We had a playlist, but it was not rigid. You didn’t get punished if you played something you liked; you could do what you wanted. We were allowed to develop a little bit of patter and an on-the-air personality. I called it “Carlin’s Corner” for a while.

    [Now] I don’t seek out music. I have about 26,000 songs in my iTunes library that are actually from my CD collection and a few things I bought and stuff that I remembered from when I did all my cocaine in the ’70s and I got into a lot of music. I realized the sheer volume of stuff that was coming out and the fragmentation, that fact that there’s “acid techno,” “adult urban hip-,” you know, these ******’ categories, these cross-breedings… I’m the kinda person that—I don’t wanna just be a dabbler, so I pull back. It’s like when I was a kid and I started collecting stamps and I realized immediately: I’m never gonna have all the stamps I want. f**k this; this is stupid. I like to feel like I can at least get my arms around something and have a good solid understanding of it. But the changes [in music] were coming too fast, and they were too numerous.

    There is a thing about the music of your own generation. (fm123)

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    Messages about the artist: "George Carlin"

    will1410   Offline  -  Member  -  04-05-05 05:52 PM  -  19 years ago
    The website "George Starting Up..." is the introduction page for George Carlin's official website.

    There is lots of great stuff there.

    The other link is for - the commercial website that Carlin owns.

    In 1990 Carlin purchased the Little David record company that had released much of his early material. In 2001 Carlin opened as an outlet for much of the Little David material. In addition liscenses re-release rights for many other comedy albums from the past including the Firesign Theatre catalog, the Lily Tomlin catalog, the Dave Gardner catalog, and others.

    Additionally owns the ". . . On Comedy" CD series.

    will1410   Offline  -  Member  -  04-05-05 05:55 PM  -  19 years ago
    One of the things I don't like about these artist pages is that they list the albums in alphabetical rather than chronological order. For those of you who want a chronological listing - here's one for Carlin:

    ---(Reissued as KILLER CARLIN)

    ---(The Degarmo open was a golf tournament at which
    ----Carlin performed. This rare 20 minute recording
    ----was issued as a souvineer for attendees)

    ---(Grammy nominee)

    1972 - FM & AM
    ---(Grammy Winner!)
    ---(Reissued in 1993 as part of the CLASSIC GOLD set)
    ---(Reissued in 1999 as part of

    1972 - CLASS CLOWN
    ---(Reissued in 1993 as part of the CLASSIC GOLD set)
    ---(Reissued in 1999 as part of

    ---(Grammy nominee)
    ---(Reissued in 1993 as part of the CLASSIC GOLD set)
    ---(Reissued in 1999 as part of

    ---(Reissued in 1999 as part of

    ---(Grammy nominee)
    ---(Reissued in 1999 as part of

    1977 - ON THE ROAD
    ---(Reissued in 1999 as part of

    ---(Compilation Album)

    ---(Grammy nominee)


    ---(Compilation Album)

    ---(Grammy nominee)

    ---(Grammy nominee)

    ---(Grammy nominee)

    1992 - JAMMIN' IN NEW YORK
    ---(Grammy Winner!)

    1996 - BACK IN TOWN

    ---(Grammy nominee)

    ---(CD Reissue of 6 earlier albums with 1 bonus disc
    ----of previously unreleased material.)

    2000 - BRAINDROPPINGS (Audiobook)
    ---(Grammy Winner!)

    2001 - NAPALM AND SILLY PUTTY (Audiobook)
    ---(Grammy Winner!)


    ---(Interview CD from series)
    Dave AuJus   Offline  -  Artist & D.J.  -  06-24-08 01:58 PM  -  15 years ago
    More pictures:
    Stavro Arrgolus   Offline  -  Editor, MP3  -  03-27-10 08:29 PM  -  14 years ago
    One of the 'heavy mysteries' I've found when adding Carlin material involves the publishing. For most of the years of the height of his career, his publisher was 'Dead Sea Music" or the 'Dead Sea Publishing Company'. Can't find evidence of it anywhere. It's on the albums I have and seemingly nowhere else. Google turns up nothing but my entries here.

    "Well, it's a mystery."
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