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Duration: 5:04 
Release Date: 1962 
Lyrics By:
Music By:
Produced By:
Released By:
Published By:
Licensing: ASCAP  #340093152 
Song Lyrics:
So, I say D, I say D-O, D-O-D, D-O-D-G, D-O-D-G-E-R-S
Team, team, team, team
Oh. I say O-M, O-M-A, O-M-A-L, O-M-A-L-L-E-Y
Oh really? No, O’Malley!
Sandy Koufax, oh my Drysdale, Maury Wills we love you so
And we defy, defy the J-I, J-I-N, J-I-N-T, J-I-N-T-S - Giants!
Play ball!
Orlando Cepeda is at bat with the bases jammed.
Orlando Cepeda – with a wham, bam, he hit a grand slam
In the very first inning but it’s only the beginning
Like a pie in the sky we get two on none away, then Fairly hits into a double play
Here comes big Frank Howard yessiree, boy, what a swing – strike three!
Oh dem B, Oh dem B-U, B-U-M, B-U-M-S
Dem bums, dem bums, dem dry bums, Oh they may be bums but they’re our bums
Top of the fifth Say Hey Willie Mays hits a three-bagger down the right-field line
But he’s out trying to stretch it to a homer, as Roseboro tags him on the bottom of the spine
With a CRACK you can hear all the way BACK up to San Francisco…open your hospitals
Inning six, Maury Wills draws a walk
In the coaches box Leo Durocher, Leo Durocher - starts to wiggle and to twitch
A signal? No, an itch!
Go Maury, go Maury, go go go!
Maury goes, the catcher throws, straight from the solar plexus
At the bag, he beats the tag, that mighty little waif
And umpire Conlan cries, “You’re out!” Out? Out?
Down in the dugout Alston glowers, up in the booth Vin Scully frowns
Out in the stands O’Malley grins, “Attendance 50,000”
And what does O’Malley do? CHARGE!
Bottom of the ninth, four to nuttin’, last chance, push the button
Oh, we’re pleadin’, beggin’ on our knees, come on you Flatbush refugees!
Maury Wills at bat, hit it for me once, Stu Miller throws, Maury bunts
Cepeda runs to field the ball while Hiller covers first
Haller runs to back up Hiller, Hiller crashes into Miller
Miller falls, drops the ball, Conlan calls, “Safe!” Yea, Maury!
Gilliam up. Miller grunts. Miller throws. Gilliam bunts.
Cepeda runs to field the ball while Hiller covers first.
Haller runs to back up Hiller, Hiller crashes into Miller
Miller falls, drops the ball, Conlan calls, “Safe!” Yea, Conlan!
Willie Davis gets a hit, and Tommy does the same
Here comes Mr. Howard with a chance to win the game!
Hit it once! Big Frank – BUNTS?!
Miller runs to field the ball and so does Hiller so does Haller
Miller hollers Hiller. Hiller hollers Haller. Haller hollers Miller points to Hiller with his fist.
And that’s the Miller-Hiller-Haller Hallelujah Twist!
The Davises score it’s four-to-four with Howard still running the bases
From second to third, it’s almost absurd, amazement on everyone’s faces
He’s heading for home, he hasn’t a chance, the poor man is going to be dead
But the ball hits him right in the seat of his pants, and he scores – now that’s using your head!
So I say D, I say D-O, D-O-D-G-E-R-S
The team that’s all heart, all heart and all thumb
They’re my Los Angeles, your Los Angeles, OUR Los Angeles…
Do you really think we’ll win the pennant? BUMMMMMMS!
(Captain Wayne)
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Messages about the song: "D-O-D-G-E-R-S Song"
Erectedbuilder   Offline  -  Member  -  06-16-08 10:58 PM  -  15 years ago
this is one of my all time favorites
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