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Release Date: 12/12/2008  (belowaveragedave) 
Lyrics By: Below Average Dave (belowaveragedave) 
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  • Parody of "Rock Star" by Nickelback (belowaveragedave)
  • Song Lyrics:
    She's done with laying these eggs
    That will sure be eaten
    They think that she lays them with ease
    so for lunch they are beaten
    This farm turns a profit,
    but that is because of her

    (Think I'm gonna vault)

    I wanna be a pet
    to someone like Brad Pitt
    and to KFC I'd like to have revenge
    and an incubator
    that will help me live - oh please

    (We'd love to leave)

    I'll need a wacky kid that don't eat chicken
    so he'll ask his mom, "can we keep her" dammit
    Gonna sit up at a table
    and put some Ramen into my beak

    (Free Me, Quickly)

    Don't want no Popeye's please
    and I won't peck the car
    No jars of 'tatos from Hooter's bar
    A bed made of something other than hay is sweet!

    (So c'mon help me do it)

    I'm gonna leave this live
    and gather some change
    I'll take a county bus
    and dress up strange

    Because I just wanna be a big c**k Star
    Live in mansion houses, never served at bars
    The food's served to me
    and I'm always clean
    They'll never eat me
    cause they don't eat meat
    and we'll eat bird feed that' above the par
    In my dreams I can only get so far
    Every patient chickens gonna bolt from here
    Every single rooster with the wild red hair

    well. .
    hey hey I wanna be a c**k Star
    hey hey I wanna be a c**k Star

    I'm not tryna be selfish
    or be a hassle
    I'm mentally scarred
    and this barn life gets old
    I wish that I could laugh
    and live closer to what'd be called free

    (I'll live in Costa Rica, ha ha)

    It's either flee here fast
    or I'll count my blessings
    Life is short for me
    Soon my life is passing
    Gonna spend my golden years
    just running to protect my beak

    (for the last time, help me do it)

    I'm asking for your help,
    it's not that strange
    I'll even poop outside,
    and I'll be tame

    Because I just wanna be a Big c**k Star
    Never served in boxes
    and play in your yard
    This world gets heavy
    When you live like me
    My boss will eat me
    If I don't lay these
    and I'm sick of all these spoiled dogs
    Get left cold hard G's
    by dead movie stars
    Every bird is dreaming
    how do we get there?
    Like those evil cats
    With tiger like stares
    We'll hide out shortly after noon
    The boss is acting scary,
    and soon our lives are through
    We'll get through this you see
    And then we'll be wild
    Every night we'll be searching for your big smile

    Hey Hey I wanna be a c**k Star

    Gonna leave that barn
    and I'll hop the fences
    Gonna leave them pigs
    and their nasty stenches
    Get free tonight, oh it won't take too long
    Let's get out 'fore the light, so farmers don't come along

    Well I just wanna be a big c**k Star
    Live my life with humans
    That don't mean no harm
    The food comes easy
    Put right in my beak
    It may sound funny
    but it's what I need
    and I
    promise not to harm the car
    I won't lay my eggs on your son's guitar
    Every half wit chicken's getting out of here
    Well the ones who stay we'll be served next year
    if we stay here we will all be doomed
    We won't keep you up all evening
    and we all thank you
    We've been through many things
    Live's have been hostile
    Every day another brother cooked in a different style

    Hey Hey
    I Wanna be a c**k Star

    Hey Hey
    I Wanna be a c**k Star

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