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Moo Moo Cow 
By: Seamonkey
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Duration: 4:12 
Release Date: 6/16/2009  (DJ Particle) 
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Licensing: CC 
  • Parody of "Boom Boom Pow" by Black Eyed Peas. (CZW Ref Fan Steven)
  • Song Lyrics:
    Let me hear that...
    Let me hear that...
    Let me hear that...
    Let me hear that, That That That, That That

    Moo moo moo! (Let me hear that) [x4]
    Moo moo moo! (That) [x2]
    Moo moo moo! [x2]

    I got that beast that rule the farm
    you can keep them other animals!
    I got that milk that flow
    With growth hormone!
    That Dairy Queen hit
    That bovine baby liquid
    My drink go (Moo moo moo)
    Check the mustache! (Moo moo moo)

    I like that moo moo cow!
    Its skin enhances my style!
    Entire wardrobe is leather
    The finest tanned hides pal!
    See this new purse that it made?
    My sofa covered in suede?
    I got that moo moo moo
    High fashion moo moo moo
    Let me hear it now

    Moo moo moo (Let me hear that) [x4]
    Moo moo moo (That) [x2]
    Moo moo moo [x2]

    They got that super-fertile poo
    Grow psychedelic mushrooms
    And if you practicin' Hindu
    them things is sacred! (moo!)
    The college pranks that I did
    The cattle that I have tipped
    It always make me laugh
    Bessie go moo moo SPLAT!

    I'm the beast stayin so aloof
    walkin’ fields on cloven hoof
    My stomach has four compartments,
    Chewin' hay bails extra longer: cud
    Me got the beef by pounds!
    Me got the beef you ground!
    Me got the beef that make that steak
    That moo moo in your mouth...!

    People with a plate!
    If you wanna chow down!
    Put your forks in the air!
    Seamonkey serve the beef now!

    I be servin' this beef! (Yum, yum)
    I be servin' this beef! (Yum, yum, yum, yum)

    Hear it low, hear it low
    Call the herd, let 'em know
    Y'all gettin' hit with the MOO MOO
    Beef on sticks like shish-kabob, servin' ya
    Skewerin' y'all with the MOO MOO
    Grillin' all y'all with the… MOO MOO
    Servin' all y'all with the... MOOOOOO!
    This beef be yummy, yummy
    This beef go moo moo

    Let the beef talk!
    L-L-L-L-Let the beef talk!
    Let the beef...

    This beef be yummy, yummy
    This beef go moo moo....

    I like that moo moo cow!
    Them chickens isn't my style!
    Don't try to cover me with feathers
    I shop the bovine aisle!
    I’m so impressive and sweet
    With leather pumps on my feet
    I got that moo moo moo
    That fashion moo moo moo
    Let me hear it now...

    Moo moo moo (Let me hear that) [x4]
    Moo moo moo (That) [x2]
    Moo moo moo [x2]

    Let the beef taaaaaalk......!!!
    (Stavro Arrgolus)
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