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Song Details
Release Date: 1985  (Tim P. Ryan) 
Lyrics By: Mercedes Lackey/Leslie Fish (Tim P. Ryan) 
Music By: Mercedes Lackey/Leslie Fish (Tim P. Ryan) 
Produced By: Teri Lee (Tim P. Ryan) 
Released By: Off Centaur OCP-46, Murder, Mystery & Mayhem (Tim P. Ryan) 
Published By:
Keywords: CATS 
  • Found on a 1985 cassette tape: Murder, Mystery & Mayhem--Songs by Mercedes Lackey by Off Centaur Productions, OCP-46. Probably a few other places also. (Tim P. Ryan)
  • Song Lyrics:
    Aren't I kind to allow you to live in my house?
    Aren't I gracious to grant you the use of my chair?
    Aren't I wonderful when I give you a dead mouse?
    Aren't I utterly, totally, beyond compare?
    And don't you admire the virtues you see?
    in marvelous, lovely, magnificent me-ow
    me-e-e-ow-wow-wow, me-ow, me-e-e-ow

    I will carefully shed just selected dark hairs
    When I'm lying on all the white laundry you did;
    And the white hairs will go, when I bother to lair
    on black velvet, were they can't be brushed off or hid
    They looks so much better that way, you'll agree!
    They'll remind you of lovely, magnificent me-ow
    me-e-e-ow-wow-wow, me-ow, me-e-e-ow

    If you try to insist that I live on dry food,
    I will either look thin, and pathetic, and sad,
    Or I just might do something disgusting and rude
    such as eat it, and throw up all over your bed.
    Only chicken, and liver, and fish, naturally
    are fit for the palate of marvelous me-ow
    me-e-e-ow-wow-wow, me-ow, me-e-e-ow

    I really don't understand why you should look
    At anything else or have things in your hands
    So I'll patiently lie on your papers or book
    To suggest that you treat me as my rank demands
    You really should pet me when your hands are free.
    It's a privilege to fondle magnificent me-ow
    me-e-e-ow-wow-wow, me-ow, me-e-e-ow

    Or just when you're maddest at something I've done
    I'll go do something else that's so touching or sweet
    That's so charming, adorable, silly or fun
    It'll just knock the stockings right off of your feet
    You know you can't win, so why fight it, you see?
    You know your a sucker for marvelous me-ow
    me-e-e-ow-wow-wow, me-ow, me-e-e-ow
    I know you're a sucker for marvelous me!
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