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A Little Undead 
By: Moneyshot Cosmonauts
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Duration: 3:31 
Release Date: 10/25/2009  (weirdojace) 
Lyrics By: M. Spaff Sumsion (weirdojace) 
Music By:
Produced By:
Released By:
Published By:
Licensing: CC 
Song Lyrics:
Parody of Matchbox Twenty's "Unwell"

M. Spaff Sumsion: Concept and lyrics
Chris Mezzolesta: Vocals
Bob Emmet: Instruments and mixing

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All day
Hiding in my coffin, playing
Goth and death-rock MP3s

All night
Bats and werewolves nagging me
To take them out for drinks
Because it helps them feel alive
Or something

I meet
Long-neck girls at clubs but they say
Bite me
That sounds good to me

'Cause I'm not creepy, I'm just a little undead
I know my lips are stained red
My fangs are too, but just ignore that please
It's only gum disease

I'm not ghostly, I'm just reflection-impaired
I know right now you look scared
But pound some Red Bull and Type AB
And prowl the night with me

Should break in to the Best Buy, I could
Drink some plasma-screen TVs

And I know
I know I've got a substance problem
I keep robbing blood banks
But I've got to clear my cobwebs with a shot
Or three

Self-control is hard I'm only
Centuries old

But I'm not pasty, I'm just a little undead
I know worms live in my head
And at the beach I have to rub on me
SPF infinity

I'm not spooky, I'm just existence-impaired
I know you'd like your neck spared
I'm sorry babe, because your date with me
Will last eternally

I've been craving salty snacks
Listen all you chicks with saline:
Come to my all-night buffet!

I'm not creepy, I'm just a little undead
Don't put garlic on my bread
I like my steaks bloody as can be
But don't drive one through me

I'm not eerie, I'm just living-impaired
I know I'm your worst nightmare
But all the cool Transylvanians see
That no one sucks like me

Yeah, no one sucks like me
No one sucks like me
I'm just a little undead
No one sucks like me
(Captain Wayne)
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