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Song Details
I'm Gonna Play 
By: Bobby Thornbody
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Duration: 3:40 
Release Date: 5/11/2013 
Lyrics By: Bobby Thornbody (Bobby Thornbody) 
Music By: Phil Collins (Bobby Thornbody) 
Produced By: Max DeGroot (Bobby Thornbody) 
Released By: Bobby Thornbody (Bobby Thornbody) 
Published By: Bobby Thornbody (Bobby Thornbody) 
Licensing: CC (Bobby Thornbody) 
Song Lyrics:
Bobby: Dipper, is the game ready yet?

Dipper: Almost... Just gotta put in the registration code.

Bobby: Well hurry up already!

Dipper: It’s not like the game’s going anywhere.

Bobby: I just wanna play the game, okay?

Dipper: There. Done. Don’t you think you’re getting a bit obsessive over these games, though?

Bobby: No, not really.

Bobby: (singing)

Tell everybody I'm gonna play
New game and new places to see
With new quests ahead, yes I'm gonna play
There's not a soul that's gonna stop me

Tell everybody I'm gonna play
And I'm keeping all the loot I find
My HP bar's at full, yes I'm gonna play
My friends think that I've lost my mind

Cause there's nothing like opening a treasure chest
And seeing all the gold that's inside
And the items I will buy will keep me strong
Oh, those monsters better hide

So tell 'em all I'm gonna play
New game and new places to see
Protected by a spell, things have gone so well
My companions all watch over me

Not a guard, not a boss. can slow me down
I'll take them all out, wait and see
And the feeling of the sword
In my hand makes me feel fearless
Oh, there's nothing I would rather see

Cause I'm gonna play now
Play perfectly
I'm gonna play now

I'm gonna play now (x3)

Dipper: Bobby, would you mind at least *sharing* some of that treasure you got off that last boss.

Bobby: No way! It’s not my fault you you died during that fight.

Dipper: I’m never gonna get any stronger if you keep taking all the good stuff for yourself.

Bobby: You can always try taking on a different quest. The one from that civilian gives at least a thousand gold, and you can repeat it as much as you need to.

Dipper: It took me half an hour to get what he needed the last time! And I really don’t wanna do the same quest over and over.

Bobby: And I really don’t wanna give up any of the cool armor I got...

Dipper: Come on, Bobby. I thought you were my friend!

Bobby: I am, Dipper, and I always will be, but how are you gonna learn to fight better if I just give you the items you would have gotten if you hadn’t died.

Bobby: (singing)
Tell everybody I'm gonna play
Those enemies should beware
With new quests ahead, yes I'm gonna play
With nothing but good tales to share

Tell everybody I'm gonna play
Those enemies shouldn't dwell
My HP bar's at full, yes I'm gonna play
With nothing but good tales to tell

I'm gonna play

Yes I'm gonna play
(Bobby Thornbody)
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