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Art Paul Schlosser (The Tribute!)

By: Various Artists


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Here is the story behind this CD: Once upon a time a lady who like singing songs recorded some and decided to give alot of the CDs away.Her name was Shari Elf and she has some interesting artwork at Here is where I come into the story: And it came in the mail free with no explanation.What was it ? A CD by Shari Elf which I didn't care too much about but once my wife and me started listening to it-it turned out to be a nice little surprize.If it had ended there this CD would not have happened. Here is what happened next: Robin Good my wife began communicating with Shair Elf by E-mail and one day Shari invited her to take part in the Shari Elf Tribute CD Check out the Shari Elf Tribute CD and you can hear me and Robin's Tributes to Shari Elf. They are at So with such an Interesting Idea happening I thought if She could do it I could to and Shari thought it would be okay and she almost recorded a song too but then she got way too busy. So then the problem was would people record them ? At first I almost didn't do it because I didn't think I could get artist to do it. Then me and The Great LukeSki perform a show together and he taped me and him battling out rap style. Then I sent a message out to a bunch of musicians and Jim Andersen responded by sending me a couple. Another thing happened at this time is people shared with me Whimsical Will's funny Halloween cut-up so with about 4 in my hand and Biff from The Gomers saying he was interested I thought I would share the idea with the media. Then things just started to snowball and I started getting publicity left and right so I thought if nothing else I would sell some CDs from this. Then Dan Stafford a friend of mine said he was learning the saxophone and we got together and had a little fun and I was sharing with him the idea that maybe he could just recite the lyrics and play a little Saxophone and he said he didn't feel he could and then a month later he sent me his. and the story goes on and on and I thank God and all the artist as well as Shari Elf who gave me the idea and My Wife who did the cover of the CD.artpaul 


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(MATC Clarion Staff Writer)

Art Paul Schlosser, Madison’s very own musical visionary, has assembled a posse of musicians and compiled a solid offering in the form of “The Tribute.” In case you are not familiar with Art Paul, he can usually be found performing on or around State Street as well as other venues, churning out such classic Schlosser tunes as, “Purple Bananas on the Moon,” “Pink Pants” and “I Want a Girlfriend with a Car.” All these songs and more can be found on “The Tribute,” as performed by such artists as Joe Bainbridge, Joe Kopstick and the G. Wildens.

In most cases, “The Tribute” succeeds at what it sets out to accomplish. A few of the songs feature Art Paul rocking out with other artists, giving this recording a true feeling of Schlosser authenticity. “It’s a Beautiful Day” showcases Robin Good trading lyrics with Art Paul. One moment in this ditty is particularly humorous, when Art Paul says “Quack, quack, QUACK!” and Robin responds with, “That’s not singing!” with jubilant laughter following. Another standout track, “I’m More Demented than You/Pink Pants,” features Art Paul with The Great Luke Ski pitted in a vicious rap battle over who’s more demented, recorded live in Madison at the King Club. When they switch gears into “Pink Pants,” they really drop it like it’s hot.

The sans-Art Paul track that by far rocks the hardest has got to be “Punk Rock in the Whitehouse,” as performed by The Consequences. This jam is over pretty quick in true punk fashion, but the song has that classic basement-show driving drumbeat with shredding guitar and a sore-throat, hollered chorus. The track stands out from the rest of the artists’ work featured on “The Tribute” and “Punk Rock in the Whitehouse” is this writer’s personal favorite on the disc.

Tribute compilations can really be hit-or-miss, but thankfully Art Paul Schlosser gathered a fine group of musicians who were really feeling his musical style, and it shows on the work they’ve done with him on “The Tribute.” The release of this disc is sure to expose listeners to Art Paul Schlosser’s material, and hopefully they’ll be inclined to purchase his previously released musical recordings. Art Paul, who as well as being a musician, is a talented painter, has a cool MySpace page,, where you can find info about upcoming shows, music for purchase and all things Schlosser. Add him as your friend and you’ll be glad you did.
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