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SonicBlu Darkfold
Date Born/Group Began: b. 1972 / Releasing Music 2004 (Halfshell) 
Date Died/Group Ended:
Also Known As:
Bar Hoppin' Bill (Halfshell)
Bosco the Bear (puppet) (Halfshell)
Brett Blumfield (real name) (Halfshell)
Bwing T. Ferret (Halfshell)
Carl, the Mad Cajin (Halfshell)
Consumer Fox (Halfshell)
Country Bumcoon (Halfshell)
Doofus (Halfshell)
Fabulous Fabio the Flaming Fox (Halfshell)
Gertrude Rebenowitz (Halfshell)
Jerry Atric (Halfshell)
Jimmy Jacob Jojo Jameson (Halfshell)
José el Camillion (Halfshell)
Larry Vino AlDente (Halfshell)
Meddle Bear (Fursuit) (Halfshell)
Potential Fox (Halfshell)
Sal Rebenowitz (Halfshell)
Slobber Spaniel (Halfshell)
SonicBlu (Halfshell)
Stevie Wonderdog (Halfshell)
Syeauxemoune Qaaetze (Halfshell)
Toast the Dragon (Halfshell)
SonicBlu Darkfold, or just SonicBlu, is a recording artist that portrays a Dilophosaurus (dinosaur) character online, but a bear in fursuit, who lives in Columbus, Ohio, USA.
For many years of SonicBlu's career he hosted an online radio show called the "Time Machine Show" playing anything from greatest hits to songs lesser known on albums giving them a moment of shine since they don't receive normal airplay.

Sonicblu played in the B-movie "Woodworms" playing the DJ.

Since the departure of his radio show, he's been heavily focused on his internet puppet show, "Oh! Pawpets!" A spin-off of the "Funday Pawpet Show".
  • Oh! PawPets was inspired by The Funday Pawpets and Max DeGroot's "Ferret National Anthem" song. (Halfshell)
  • SonicBlu's name is from a Sonic the Hedgehog forum, named after 'Sonic' and the 'Blu' is double meaning refers to Sonic the Hedgehog's color blue and also refers to first three letters of SonicBlu's real last name Blumfield. Darkfold is a last name he picked up from a game called Second Life. He didn't start using a last name until 2008 after creating a Second Life account. (Halfshell)
  • Has played in the indie film "Wormwood" as John Worley / Radio DJ (Halfshell)
  • Has written a book called "The Outer Realm" (Halfshell)
  • Hosted an online internet radio show called "The Time Machine Show" playing various of music from the eras of 1935s to 1980s, including celebrity interviews within these eras. As the show's music library grew, Sonic included additional celebrity interviews to current time era. (Halfshell)
  • Hosted interviews on his Oh Pawpets show online reuniteing the Zooblie Zoo gang (minus Van Goh Lion who passed away before the interview). (Halfshell)
  •  Songs
    - (with '') (I'm Gonna Watch) 500 Shows - (with 'Oh! Pawpets Cast') (Wish I Could) Hideaway[Demo].mp3 15 Minutes To Go [Demo] 1979 A Little Less Conversation Anthrocon Artist's Alley,_The.mp3 Auctioneer, The Bathroom on the Right - (with 'Bar Hoppin' Bill')[Demo].mp3 Before She Sings [Demo],_The.mp3 Boat's Name Will Be A Meme, The Brown Eyed Squirrel Butterball Chameleon Commotion Con of the West Coast Bay,_Hey_.mp3 Cortana, Hey! Cozy Little Thing Called Fur Dark Autumn Night Don't Stop The Fandom Drawin' the Night Away Drippin' Out My Back Door Eternal Flame Eyes of a Killer *** in Drag Fur Fur Con Alabama Furries in Memphis Furry Seems to be the Hardest Word,_The.mp3 Furry, The Gimme One Reason to Fursuit Green River Have You Ever Seen The Rain Hotel of the Fur Con I Am a Fox I Walk The Line I'm a Furry One I'm Not on Drugs I've Been Everywhere Ice Within Your Veins It Didn't Work[Demo].mp3 It Suits Me Fine [Demo] It's A Fur's Life,_La-Da-Daa_(The_Song_Goes_On)_[Demo].mp3 La-Da-Dee, La-Da-Daa (The Song Goes On) [Demo] Landing on Boardwalk Leaving the Con Let The Furries Play (Live Demo Version) Let's Play (Demo) Life By The Drop Long As I Can See The Light Lookin' Out My Back Door Love Hurts Making a Fursuit
    My Fursuit's On Fire My Way No Furry No Cry Oh! Pawpets! Spoofed the MTV Star - (with 'Oh! Pawpets Cast') Once Furnation Had A Mouse (C-O-R-S-I) P(ost) C(on) D(epression),_The.mp3 Pile Of Furries, The Proud Mary Psycho Fewwet - (with 'SonicBlu Darkfold (as Bwing T. Ferret)') Rip It Rudy Run Around Saucy Jack is Gone September Morn Silent Lucidity Snowman Soft To Cuddle Sprout Your Fur Stone Cold Furry Summer of Y2K Sweet Child A-Fryin' Tail After Tail,_The.mp3 Thunder Rolls, The Walk Upright (Demo) We're Still the Furs Weasel In Disguise - (with 'SonicBlu Darkfold (as Bwing T. Ferret)') Welcome to McDonald's Whitechapel Nightmare Whore in My Lap Yerf! I Feel Like a Furry!

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