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Tyro Arrgula

Scariest vampire: Count Chocula. One bite of Count Chocula & you get cursed with Type 2 Diabetes 
Falmouth, CN
United Kingdom
Last Login: January 9, 2024
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User Level: Editor
Member Since: Tuesday, March 22, 2005
Number of Posts: 245
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General Tyro Arrgula (tie-row arr-gyou-lah) [1965-1989] Newly minted vampire son of Viscount Vyslo Arrgula, young nephew of Stavro Arrgolus and inventor (in 1985) of the Cement Civet Cat™ (BBL Industrials, €17.50 MSRP).

Or so says the bio in my copy of the Sims 2 Nightlife and the Sims 3 Late Night expansion packs. This account was created during one of our site upgrades exclusively to provide a non-admin view in order to test new site functions.
Music "Children of the night...shut up!"
Tyro serves as an alternate host (along with Dave AuJus - an actual guy) of the Mad Music Show and Mad Music Podcast.
Movies "No sir. I don't like it."
Television "We'll eat your mum, then if you feel guilty afterward, we'll dig a grave and you can throw up in it."
Books Tyro was always more of a 'doer' rather than a 'reader'...he still is. He had a thing for Nietzsche, though. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
Heroes During the halted site reconstruction in Fall 2010, page loading would often grind to a halt for my main account, making navigation impossible. It was determined that the admin statuses were responsible for this problem. There was too much control information to load for each page. The creation of a non-admin account at least partially solved the problem.

At the end of November 2010, the new site was abandoned for the holidays and the old site was repaired, rendering this account useless except for experimenting with different views in aid of finding otherwise unseen site difficulties. Until the latest site upgrade at the end of 2016 when it became useful again.
Tyro Arrgula's Blog
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