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Badave Bi-Weekly Parody Radio Show 06/28/2009
Topic: Video Games; RIP Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson

Parodists: Want your songs played on Badave Radio? Send your mp3s (44mhz, up to 320bps) to (Under 10 mb, over 10 PM me, and we'll work something else out). Listeners: Want to hear a parody from the Badave Parody Network? Send your requests to, my correspondents help me keep things organized and help me keep spam from hitting my central email address which is getting heavily over-crowded lately. Enjoy the show!

This show has 5 parts:

Part 2
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Bigger Chest  [first known play]Below Average Dave
Take a Shower  [first known play]Peter Coffin
Glamorous  [only known play]James Speedy
Pr-Pr-Pr-ProcreateMoneyshot Cosmonauts
I Kissed a Girl off of Craigstlist  [first known play]Secret Sauce
I Ate Big Mac  [first known play]The French Nerd
Part 5
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Something In Your Mouth  [only known play]Peter Coffin
Crazy for ChipsBelow Average Dave
Cokenomo  [only known play]Ann Hammond
Next week: 07/12/2009 Technology

Listing added by:  belowaveragedave

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Show Facts:
TV's Klye: (belowaveragedave)
Below Average Dave: (belowaveragedave)
Insane Ian: (belowaveragedave)
Judge Clarkie: (belowaveragedave)
Sharm: (belowaveragedave)
Mikey Squirrel: (belowaveragedave)
DJ Particle: (belowaveragedave)
Phil Alexader: (belowaveragedave)
Odd Austin: (belowaveragedave)
Peter Coffin: (belowaveragedave)
James Speedy: (belowaveragedave)
Spaff: (belowaveragedave)
Secret Sauce: (belowaveragedave)
The French Nerd: (belowaveragedave)
Merry & Pippin: (belowaveragedave)
Weird Al Yankovic: (belowaveragedave)
Matthias: (belowaveragedave)
Rex Ungericht: (belowaveragedave)
Rick Cormier: (belowaveragedave)
Jeff Reuben: (belowaveragedave)
Red Ant: (belowaveragedave)
Ann Hammond: (belowaveragedave)
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Messages about the show: "Badave Bi-Weekly Parody Radio Show 06/28/2009"

belowaveragedave   Offline  -  Artist & D.J.  -  06-27-09 11:04 PM  -  14 years ago
The Moneyshot Cosmonauts production of spaff's song is so well produced, it sounds like a continuation of Poker Face when played back to back like this. . .
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