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Bofore Radio, Episode 73
Topic: Short Songs

This week’s medley: Songs that are very Short, featuring: Worm Quartet, Rycehat, Parry Gripp, and many (MANY!) more! Seriously, so, so many more.

This show has 1 part:

Part 1
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Sonata For Piano And Moron In C MajorWorm Quartet
Getting Shot in the Face SucksWorm Quartet
Raising In Disguise / IguanaWorm Quartet
Calculator In My BumWorm Quartet
Broom Broom BroomWorm Quartet
Find The Dead Wingless Legless Fly in Your Box Of RaisinsWorm Quartet
Lice and RiceWorm Quartet
The Face Of A ChildWorm Quartet
Thank YouWorm Quartet
Smell My Nipple Win a PrizeWorm Quartet
Dead TacosWorm Quartet
Why Do The Elderly Growl At Cucumbers?Worm Quartet
Salmon In DisguiseWorm Quartet
Yak AquariumWorm Quartet
ToasteramaWorm Quartet
Wookiee WeenieeWorm Quartet
Sorry, We're No Longer Buying Lizard s**tWorm Quartet
Mommy’s BrokenWorm Quartet
Mommy's Broken (Backwards Version)Worm Quartet
Mommy's Broken (Dance Remix)Worm Quartet
Mommy's Broken (French Version)Worm Quartet
Mommy's Broken (Underwater Version)Worm Quartet
Mommy's Broken, BiotchWorm Quartet
Mommys Broken (Gilbert Version) - a Worm Quartet remixthe great Luke Ski
Mommy's Broken (Alien Abduction Mix)DJ Particle
Mommy's Broken (Live at MarsCon 2008)  [only known play]Worm Quartet
Boning Away on the Ottoman  [only known play]Worm Quartet
Replace Yourself with Boners  [first known play]Baldbox
Corn  [only known play]Worm Quartet
Death Of A Walrus  [only known play]Worm Quartet
The Rabbit SongWorm Quartet
Worm Quartet Anthem  [only known play]Worm Quartet
Long Story Short  [only known play]Worm Quartet
Rich Fantasy Lives (Dance Remix)Baldbox
Princess Of Ohio  [only known play]Worm Quartet
Dandelions SuckWorm Quartet
Radioactive Barbie Head (Acoustic Mix)  [only known play]Odd Austin
I Like CakeOdd Austin
Bathtub (Demo)Rycehat
We Can Do Whatever We Want  [only known play]Rycehat
(We Have One Word for Snow, But I Need Twenty-Seven to Describe My Current) Economic Situation  [first known play]Rycehat
Broken Link  [first known play]Rycehat
Giant Walrus  [first known play]Rycehat
Lobster Breath  [only known play]Rycehat
The Tonka Truck Said Moo  [only known play]Rycehat
Look Billy, It's Sally!  [only known play]Rycehat
Your Mom's a Panda  [first known play]Rycehat
Lung Transplant (Demo)Rycehat
The Shortest Song  [first known play]Insane Ian
The Second Shortest Song  [first known play]Insane Ian
The Shortest Song I Ever WroteArt Paul Schlosser
This One's Even Shorter  [only known play]Art Paul Schlosser
One NoteArt Paul Schlosser
Shortest Song Yet  [only known play]The Dan Orr Project
This SongBarry & The Bookbinders
The Short PolkaMatthew Hodgson
I Like FoodThe Descendants
Great Nachos, Great PriceParry Gripp
Say Hello To Your Brand new Favorite Pizza  [first known play]Parry Gripp
Bran Flakes  [only known play]Parry Gripp
Golf  [only known play]Parry Gripp
Golf Is Groovy  [only known play]Parry Gripp
Nice Motherfucking Truck  [only known play]Parry Gripp
Mouthwash  [only known play]Parry Gripp
Do You Like Waffles?Parry Gripp
Waffles Are Outrageous  [only known play]Parry Gripp
Everyone's Dipping  [only known play]Parry Gripp
Beer In A Can  [only known play]Parry Gripp
She Likes Yoo-Hoo (More Than She Likes Me-Hoo)  [only known play]Parry Gripp
Life's Too Short  [only known play]Parry Gripp
Why Do I Always Get In The Wrong Line At The Grocery Store?  [only known play]Parry Gripp
Hooray For Santa Claus  [first known play]Parry Gripp
I Am A Banana  [only known play]Parry Gripp
Goodbye Kitty  [only known play]Parry Gripp
Give A Ham A Hug  [only known play]Parry Gripp
If Bob Dylan Were Hiding at the Bottom of a WellPaul & Storm
If They Might Be Giants Were the Ice Cream Man  [first known play]Paul & Storm
Do You Recall  [only known play]Paul & Storm
Grandma  [only known play]Paul & Storm
Infected  [only known play]Paul & Storm
TwilightPaul & Storm
Very Two Best Friends  [only known play]Paul & Storm
Office Space  [only known play]Paul & Storm
Gee, Mary Lou  [only known play]Paul & Storm
Magic Night  [only known play]Paul & Storm
Gumbo PantsPaul & Storm
Memento  [only known play]Paul & Storm
Underwater Basket Weaving  [only known play]Logan Whitehurst
Michael Is The President Of The English ClubLogan Whitehurst
James Wrote A Song About MeLogan Whitehurst
The Villain Who Wears No PantsLogan Whitehurst
A Bad Day At The Gangster-Operated Mom-and-Pop Shop  [only known play]Logan Whitehurst
VCR RepairmanLogan Whitehurst
Serving SizeLogan Whitehurst
Global Warming (Is A Lie)Logan Whitehurst
Daisy Is Dead  [only known play]Logan Whitehurst
The Tiniest Dog In the WorldLogan Whitehurst
I’m Downright Amazed with what I can Destroy with Just a Hammer  [only known play]Atom and his Package
Short Break-Up Song  [first known play]Raymond & Scum
I Said I Love You Now Please Untie Me And Give Me Back My Clothes  [first known play]Raymond & Scum
Baby, If You Love Me  [only known play]Raymond & Scum
THX (Intro)Nuclear Bubble Wrap
Nuclear Bubble WrapNuclear Bubble Wrap
Ripped Off By The Traffic LightDerwood Bowen
Birthday PresentsDerwood Bowen
I Love BeansSpace Ghost/Brak
An Average SongAllan Sherman
Hey Birthday Boy  [only known play]Karl Brown
Hey Birthday Boy  [only known play]Eric Haines
Hey Birthday BoySudden Death
Hey Birthday Boy (Art Paul)  [only known play]Art Paul Schlosser
Next week: Numbers

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Messages about the show: "Bofore Radio, Episode 73"

oddaustin   Offline  -  Artist & D.J.  -  07-22-09 08:49 PM  -  14 years ago
I have no idea what could be wrong with the file, it's really frustrating though, cause it also won't come up on iTunes, and I worked really hard on compiling this episode (Help?).

For now listen here:
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