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The Kahn Man's Comedy Corner 11-19 Featuring The mad music top 12 countdown 5/27/17
Topic: Crazy Covers Volume 1

This show has 3 parts:

Listing added by:  kahnman

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Messages about the show: "The Kahn Man's Comedy Corner 11-19 Featuring The mad music top 12 countdown 5/27/17"

e8-deleted-   Offline  -  Suspended  -  05-13-17 06:07 PM  -  7 years ago
Where is the top 12 track list?
Stavro Arrgolus   Offline  -  Editor, MP3  -  05-13-17 07:23 PM  -  7 years ago

The same place the one last week was. Spaces were left in the mp3 title again, so the show errored out again.

It took me 45 seconds to fix it, so I don't think it's asking too much to get it right when it's posted.


kahnman   Offline  -  Podcast D.J.  -  05-14-17 05:14 PM  -  7 years ago
First Of All I Will Start posting the top 12 on Thursdays Now And As For the errors I have No idea Why Its doing That but it's Working on My End. It Might be your computer if you have An older Windows because it Works on Windows 10 With No Problem.
Stavro Arrgolus   Offline  -  Editor, MP3  -  05-14-17 05:41 PM  -  7 years ago, no it's not. My computer is quite fast and it's only my graphics card that blows goats. The framerate for the games I play on it are pitiful indeed - or it could just be all the mods I installed...

I explained this in last week's show as well. It's the spaces in your mp3's titles. That's the reason. It's not a mystery. The mp3 titles have to be one line with no breaks in it or the segment will error out in external players - except for Quicktime. Only our site's internal player will play it with title spaces.

How do I know this for sure? Because Wayne called me on it in MMS-159. I made the same mistake and when he told me about the title spaces, I fixed them and every show has worked fine since.

Just fill the spaces in the mp3 titles of your countdown shows with underscores (or whatever) as I did for this one and all of them will play in any external player.


kahnman   Offline  -  Podcast D.J.  -  05-14-17 10:47 PM  -  7 years ago
OkI Get It
lelkins   Offline  -  Member  -  05-17-17 09:22 PM  -  7 years ago

Agree, it ain't working for me either.

Is there a quick fix to get to the actual MP3 file links- substitute tildes or twiddles or %20 or something?

Stavro Arrgolus   Offline  -  Editor, MP3  -  05-18-17 04:56 AM  -  7 years ago

One of the recent updates actually makes it harder to access show mp3s. I had to use an improvised workaround to fix this show. That was the hardest part of this.

The actual fix takes seconds. It doesn't matter what the spaces are replaced with just as long as the mp3 title is an unbroken line.


artpaul   Offline  -  Artist  -  05-28-17 09:58 PM  -  6 years ago
Thanks to everyone that voted for my song ! Oh and if you need that song you can get it at Apple iTunes or at   ****
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