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It's A Mistake - Men At Work
They Don't Make Nun Names (Like That No More) - Tommy Sharp & The Sharptones
Colonoscopy - Denny Brownlee
Lookin' Up My Back Door - Butt Meddler
Your Woman - White Town
Uh Oh! (Someone's In My Way!) - TV's Kyle
Hulkulele - Nuclear Bubble Wrap
Night Mare - Nuclear Bubble Wrap
Hump Day - Samuel Stokes
Let's Look Behind The Rainbow - Daisuke Namikawa (as Italy)
Makeshift Vagina - Bonecage
Tetris Drop - Bobby Thornbody
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction - Devo
Whip It - Devo
Saga Begins, The - "Weird Al" Yankovic
Star Wars Trilogy Homesick Blues - Luke Ski, the great
Jedi Knight Blue Yodel (J For Jedi), The - Bill Maraschiello
Star Warts - Dickie Goodman
I Got Crabs From Darth Vader - Robert Lund
Bad Darth - Space Troopers, The
Anakin - UFO Phil
Vader Boy - Luke Ski feat. Carrie Dahlby & The Nick Atoms, the great
Sympathy For George Lucas - Rob Balder
Other Side, The - Ookla the Mok
Hey, Phantom Menace! - Whimsical Will
When You Wish Upon A Death Star - Luke Ski, the great
I Have A Bad Feeling About This - Samuel Stokes
Yoda - "Weird Al" Yankovic
Y.O.D.A. - Luke Ski, the great
Yoda Loses His Virginity - John Mammoser
Tantric Yoda - Ookla the Mok
Yoda Breaks Up With R2D2 - John Mammoser
I Did It All For the Wookiee - Damn Nation
Your Wookie - Mike Phirman
Rock Me Amidala - Tom Smith
Bein' A Jedi - Johnny Crass
Star Wars Cantina - Mark Jonathan Davis
Hey, Lone Ranger - Anthony "A-Log" LoGatto
Titanic Monday - Carrie Dahlby
Run This Game - Insane Ian feat. The Stacey & Devo Spice
Hot Women (Cold Beer) - Goober & The Peas
After Ever After - Jon Cozart
Use The Force - Luke Ski, the great
Because I'm Jedi - Luke Ski, the great
Yoda (demo version) - "Weird Al" Yankovic
A-Log on the Airwaves, July 13, 2013
Topic: Star Wars


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