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Song Details
Great Idea For A Song 
By: Worm Quartet
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Duration: 3:26 
Release Date: 2003 
Lyrics By: Timothy F. Crist 
Music By: Timothy F. Crist 
Produced By: Shoebox 
Released By: Flaming Mayo Records 
Published By:
Licensing: CC 
  • Number 1 on the Funny 25 for the Year 2004 (peterpuck9)
  • Song Lyrics:
    Remember when we used to hold each other close

    And gaze so deeply in each others’ eyes

    Remember how I said I’d never let you go

    And how you swore you’d never tell me lies

    (You do? Well…)

    All I remember is the way you nonchalantly

    squashed my heart just like a cockroach on the floor

    All I remember is the happiness I felt

    the day I finally kicked your skank ass out the door

    Remember when you were the best part of my life

    The reason I got up to face the day

    Remember how you swore you’d always stay by me

    And love me for forever, come what may

    (You do? Well…)

    All I remember is the nights you’d go out drinking

    and I’d pray the cops would find you somewhere dead

    All I remember is the way that all my dishes

    became airborne and flew right into my head

    Now please don’t think I’m ranting cuz I’m bitter

    I’ve found somebody new and I’ve moved on

    But if only your name rhymed with twisted, psychotic slut

    I’d have a great idea for a song

    Remember how we used to drive down to the beach

    And walk along the seashore hand in hand

    Remember how we used to sit and watch the waves

    And spell out our initials in the sand

    (You do? Well…)

    All I remember is the whining and the moaning

    and the griping about every little thing

    All I remember is how soundly I could sleep

    when I dreamt of your lifeless body festering

    Now please don’t think that this is all just hindsight

    I’ve felt this way about you for so long

    And if only your name rhymed with sadistic, lying b***h

    I’d have a great idea for a song

    Oh, your name…might as well

    Rhyme with psycho whore from south of hell

    Cuz of all the crap you put me through back then

    Oh, if only your mom and dad

    Had named you something that rhymed with “walking, talking maxipad”

    Think of all the clever tunes I could have penned

    Cuz Becky rhymes with yecky

    And Missy rhymes with pissy

    And Susie rhymes with floozie

    And Patty rhymes with fatty

    Elizabeth rhymes with kiss-of-death

    And Eleanor rhymes with smelly whore

    And Marigold rhymes with hairy-holed

    And Lauren rhymes with scorin’

    Celia Linda Park rhymes with “Feel ya in the dark”

    Daisy Rhoda York rhymes with “Easy ho ta pork”

    Rhonda Lynn Mae Stutback rhymes with “Fondlin’ my buttcrack”

    I’d pay you to change your name to Shelly Hunt


    Remember when your latest hunk of throbbing meat

    Had left you for a tighter piece of ass

    Remember when you called me, sobbing on the phone

    And begged me to forgive you for your past

    (You do? Well…)

    All I remember is that lab rats don’t push levers

    After taking an electric shock or two

    I’d rather duct tape a live wire to my groin

    than take a death march down memory lane with you

    Now please don’t think I want to be your friend now

    I’d rather see John Goodman in a thong

    But if only your name rhymed with back-stabbing heartless tramp

    I’d have a great idea for a song

    Yes, if only your name rhymed with manipulative conniving whore

    I’d have a great idea for a song

    Yeah if only your name rhymed with worthless, cheating, worm-ridden, butt-ugly, bile-sucking, skanky, smelly, slutty, waste of flesh, fat and bone that makes me want to donate my entire life savings to NASA in the hopes that someday they’ll make a time machine and I can retroactively give your parents a box of condoms

    I’d have great idea for a song
    Current Rating 9.8 (9 votes)
    Played on 89 shows:
    04-01-24, #MMS-26510-05-05, #KMCC_2-11
    06-24-23, #AOTA-23062407-31-05, #05-31
    02-03-23, #WOTR_31203-27-05, #XM-96
    08-06-21, #WOTR_23803-21-05, #MM-1
    02-20-21, #AOTA-21022002-13-05, #XM-90
    08-01-20, #AOTA-20080112-27-04, #ISGD-04-61
    04-25-20, #AOTA-20042512-26-04, #04-52
    02-15-20, #AOTA-20021511-21-04, #XM-78
    02-01-20, #AOTA-20020111-14-04, #XM-77
    06-01-19, #AOTA-19060111-07-04, #04-45
    02-16-19, #AOTA-19021610-17-04, #04-42
    09-01-18, #AOTA-18090110-10-04, #04-41
    06-11-18, #MMP-5109-19-04, #04-38
    06-11-18, #MMP-5109-19-04, #XM-69
    02-17-18, #AOTA-18021708-22-04, #04-34
    05-06-17, #AOTA-17050608-01-04, #04-31
    02-18-17, #AOTA-17021807-04-04, #04-27
    09-10-16, #MMP-4306-20-04, #04-25
    02-20-16, #AOTA-16022006-13-04, #XM-55
    02-21-15, #AOTA-15022105-23-04, #04-21
    11-01-14, #WOR-14110105-23-04, #XM-52
    09-27-14, #AOTA-14092704-25-04, #04-17
    02-15-14, #AOTA-14021504-25-04, #XM-48
    06-04-13, #BWR-13-06-0404-04-04, #04-14
    06-01-13, #AOTA-13060103-28-04, #04-13
    02-16-13, #AOTA-13021603-28-04, #XM-44
    03-31-12, #MMP-1703-21-04, #XM-43
    02-21-12, #BWR-12-02-2103-14-04, #XM-42
    02-18-12, #AOTA-12021803-07-04, #04-10
    11-25-11, #ROTP_37902-29-04, #XM-40
    03-06-11, #MMP-902-29-04, #04-09
    02-19-11, #AOTA-11021902-22-04, #04-08
    10-09-10, #10-4102-18-04, #KMCC_01-05
    09-12-09, #ROTP_26402-15-04, #04-07
    11-29-08, #ROTP_22302-11-04, #KMCC_1-04
    07-20-08, #08-2902-08-04, #XM-37
    02-22-08, #BR-08-0702-08-04, #04-06
    10-02-07, #KMCC-4-0301-26-04, #XM-36
    09-23-06, #ROTP_10901-25-04, #04-04
    09-17-06, #FFM-5401-11-04, #04-02
    03-04-06, #ROTP_08001-05-04, #XM-33
    02-19-06, #MMS-1701-04-04, #04-01
    01-27-06, #06-0511-23-03, #03-47
    12-31-05, #ROTP_07111-16-03, #03-46
    10-09-05, #05-41
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