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Song Details
Fan Fiction 
By: Nuclear Bubble Wrap
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Duration: 2:38 
Release Date: 3/12/2009  (DJ Particle) 
Lyrics By: Nuclear Bubble Wrap (belowaveragedave) 
Music By: Nuclear Bubble Wrap (belowaveragedave) 
Produced By: Nuclear Bubble Wrap (belowaveragedave) 
Released By: Nuclear Bubble Wrap (belowaveragedave) 
Published By:
Licensing: CC 
  • Parody of "Teenagers" by My Chemical Romance (belowaveragedave)
  • Song Lyrics:
    It’s leaking out of the brains of kids who must be deranged
    They post it everywhere you can find
    Of people living or dead, this stuff should never be read
    Unless you wanna see slash of all kinds

    It’s made for cartoons and bands and it gets so out of hand
    You’ll almost never find something that’s clean
    I tried to gouge out my eyes, a little part of me died
    When I saw Spongebob XXX Extreme

    You see now…
    Fanfiction scares the living sh*** outta me
    I can’t believe fans create such foul imagery
    Like Snape in a dress with Harry stroking his chest
    Dumbledore’s role is best left unseen

    If all the girls who write these aim to disgust, they succeed
    It’s never ever going to end
    The rule is if it exists, then there’s a fanfic of it
    Now watch as Pikachu turns Japanese

    You see now…
    Fanfiction scares the living sh*** outta me
    I think it would scare even the porn industry
    I don’t believe this, why does this writing exist?
    I’ve found out more than I ever should see
    Whoa, no!

    Fanfiction scares the living sh*** outta me
    I don’t wanna know ‘bout Zim and Dib’s STDs
    The madness must end cause I cannot comprehend
    How just the thought of that could be conceived

    Fanfiction scares the living sh*** outta me
    I don’t wanna know what Johnny Depp does for free
    So spare me the pain, I think I’m going insane
    It’s all a teenage girl’s vile fantasy

    Fanfiction scares the living sh*** outta me
    It aims to disturb although it’s captivating
    I’ve gotta click close or else my brain will explode
    Although Gerard and Frank sounds pretty sweet
    Fan Fiction(View Larger)

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