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Song Details
Duration: 7:14 
Release Date: 5/31/2011  (DJ Particle) 
Lyrics By: Luke Sienkowski (Stavro Arrgolus) 
Music By: Lionel Richie/Michael Jackson (Stavro Arrgolus) 
Produced By:
Released By:
Published By:
  • The FuMP's 500th song release. All proceeds go to Support Kenzie, which helps out FuMPer Marc Gunn's daughter with her medical issues. (DJ Particle)
  • Parody of "We Are The World" by USA For Africa (DJ Particle)
  • Song Lyrics:
    ROB BALDER: There comes a time, when a gamer has the funk,

    ROB BALDER & TOM SMITH: When you're still a nerd, and still annoyed.

    TOM SMITH: There are cats with macros,

    SHOEBOX OF WORM QUARTET: Oh, and sex and drugs and Satan. At least,

    SHOEBOX & LUKE SKI: That's what your parents think.

    (spoken:) TOM SMITH: Except my dad, who needs tech support help, again!

    THE GREAT LUKE SKI: There's too much stuff, but still I'm makin' bacon.

    RAYMOND & SCUM: Just like our neighbor hears on the bedroom floor.

    (spoken:) MATT DUNN OF R&S: Aw, yeah. JEFF SMITH OF R&S: Purple! Purple! Purple!

    ROBERT LUND: So save me Obama. We've got Shakespearean pies,

    SPAFF: And almost,

    ROBERT LUND & SPAFF: One hundred words for 'boobs'.

    CHRIS MEZZOLESTA OF POWER SALAD: We are the FuMP, The Funny Music Project,

    CHRIS M.: And this here track, is our five-hundredth song, what did you expect?

    CARLA ULBRICH: If this song don't make sense, just a meta waste of time,

    CHRIS M. & CARLA U.: Then go listen to the first four-hundred-ninety-nine.


    DEVO SPICE: That's only counting one version of "Christian Bale's Chipmunk".

    LUKE SKI: And not counting "My Name Is Not Merv Griffin".

    DEVO SPICE: Right.

    CARRIE DAHLBY: Well, the world is made, of ass[*bleep*] everywhere.

    CARLA ULBRICH: So we need a national ass[*bleep*] directory.

    DJ EYG OF THE GOTHSICLES: So let's all go out, and kick an emo kid's ass today,


    THE GOTHSICLES: And drink a triple shot.

    (spoken:) DARKNES: THE YOLK'S ON YOU!

    JARED RINGOLD OF POSSIBLE OSCAR: We are the FuMP, and it's our mission,

    CIRQUE du SO WHAT?: To post more songs, even though God hates comedy musicians.

    MATT DUNN: Whoa, been around for four years…

    (spoken:) DEVO SPICE: Damn, it sucks to get old!

    MATT DUNN: …so give us all a hand.

    JEFF SMITH: It's not true, that nobody loves the comedy band.

    (spoken:) JEFF SMITH: That’s a double negative.

    TV'S KYLE: When you're the king of Kong, but find out it's just a dream.

    JARED R.: When you're all out of beer, and you want to Wilhelm scream.

    CARRIE D.: Whe-, Whe-, Whe-, When you realize, oh, that everything's a song,

    TV'S KYLE: Then you,

    TV'S KYLE, JARED R., & CARRIE D.: …can join in and sing along!

    CARRIE DAHLBY: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!


    We are the FuMP, we've got Garageband.

    Do Jell-O shots while drinking with Jedi,

    And you'll lose your hand.

    (sample:)DARKNES: SUDDEN DEATH!!!

    [SFX: Wilhelm scream]

    There's a hole lotta love,

    And we all feel happy,

    It is the ultimate showdown of destiny.

    SEAMONKEY: We are the FuMP, my songs are squicker,

    SEAMONKEY: Involving [*bleep*] cows, and [*bleep*] Santa Claus.

    DINO-MIKE: Dude, you've had Nuff Liquor!

    INSANE IAN: Whether it's Guitar Hero,

    INSANE IAN: Or Dig Dug that you play,

    SHOEBOX: It's true, C is for lettuce,

    BALDBOX: Across the U. S. F'n A.!

    (spoken:) SHOEBOX: 'Murka!

    STEVE GOODIE: We are the FuMP!


    STEVE GOODIE: We'll take "Hakuna Matata",

    JACE MCCLAIN: As parody fodder,

    STEVE GOODIE: And turn that song into, one about Cthulhu, or Harry Potter!

    JACE MCCLAIN: Avada Kedavra!

    STEVE GOODIE: Lampoon jet plane tweetin',

    STEVE GOODIE: Or BP oil spill doom.

    CHRIS M.: (Bob Dylan voice:) My cat is afraid of the vacuum cleaner,

    CHRIS M.: (Bob Dylan voice:) The way it goes 'vroom vroom vroom'!

    [SFX: cell phone rings]

    CHRIS M.: (Bob Dylan, spoken:) Hold on, I've got to take this!


    CHORUS: We are the FuMP!

    KOBI LACROIX: No! We are the Vikings!

    CHORUS: We are the Vikings!

    ERIC COLEMAN OF TOYBOAT: We'll Raichu a song, about a zombie momma,

    ERIC COLEMAN: If that's to your liking!

    JESSE SMITH OF MORNING SIDEKICK: (Dracula voice, spoken:) 'Twilight' we're spiking!

    (spoken:) ODD AUSTIN: Vampires suck!

    MARC GUNN: We'll croon tunes of kitties… (FLAT 29: Ahh…)

    (spoken:) SHOEBOX: Goddammit, Marc Gunn, shut up!

    MARC GUNN: …and Hobbits who've had their lot. (FLAT 29: Ahh…)

    DAN P. OF FLAT 29: Especially if you're an old lady, (FLAT 29: Ahh…)

    FLAT 29: …but you used to be hot!


    DEVO SPICE: What's the time?

    JARED R., LUKE SKI, SHOEBOX, & CHRIS M.: It's time to take pills!

    [rap breakdown ala "We Are The World 25"]

    DEVO SPICE: We're like a pill for when earworms make you queasy.

    DEVO SPICE: No half-assed rapper, I'm the mack. LUKE SKI: And I'm a P.C.!

    EMC OF POSITUDE: And when the universe is trying to kill Seville, dude,

    C MINUS OF POSITUDE: Turn to us, 'cause we got a- POSITUDE: positive attitude!


    We are the FuMP, united by shared discontentment.

    When the radio isn't playing anything demented.

    LUKE SKI: Soon we'll be famous with millions, mansions, boats, and cars,

    Just like Paul & Storm, Jonathan Coulton, and MC Lars.

    On Thursday nights, Dementia Radio, we're castin' live.

    All over Dr. Demento's Funny 25.

    We are the FuMP, connected by an art form.

    LOVE, for music that rocks and mocks the norm.



    CHORUS: We are the FuMP, (We are the FuMP,)

    ODD AUSTIN: Totally senseless!

    CHORUS: Totally senseless.

    ALCHAV OF SOGGY POTATO CHIPS: We know that every day is Caturday,

    MAX DEGROOT: So take my census!

    CHORUS: Come to your senses.

    BETH KINDERMAN: Got an ode to Hannibal?

    DAVE STAGNER OF THE FENG SHUI NINJAS: Or made Greensleeves rockin' too?

    DJ PARTICLE: Submit your song to the Sideshow,

    DJ PARTICLE: And the next hit could be by you!


    ART PAUL SCHLOSSER: Have a peanut butter sandwich!

    DR. PINKERTON OF THE C.O.G.: Bow to the C.O.G.!


    DR. PINKERTON OF THE C.O.G.: You'll bend to our will! Mua ha ha haaa!

    THE CONSORTIUM OF GENIUS: You'll bend to our will!

    DR. PINKERTON OF THE C.O.G.: And I command that-

    (spoken:)No, Filbert! You idiot!

    [SFX: crash/explosion]

    FILBERT OF THE C.O.G.: Oh, Farganargle!

    CHORUS: Farganargle!

    W. RANDY HOFFMAN: Love your naked mole rat!

    CARL HATMAKER: Monroe shot Rudolph? Good grief!

    DERWOOD BOWEN: Photoshop my Boobles!

    FLIBBERTIGIBBET: You must give me BEEF!


    (spoken:)TOM SMITH: C'mon, I'm not covering all your asses!

    We are the FuMP, (We are the FuMP,)

    JEFF SMITH: Nothing's gonna tear us apart!

    The Funny Music Project, (The Funny Music Project,)

    And this here track, is our five-hundredth song,

    What did you expect? (What did you expect?)

    JARED RINGOLD: Take back the music!

    If this song don't make sense, (Ahh…)

    CARRIE DAHLBY: We're wreckin' by the book!

    LUKE SKI: Yeah!

    just a meta waste of time, (Ahh…)

    CHRIS M.: (Pirate:) Blow me down!

    LUKE SKI: (Pirate:) We ARR the FuMP!

    Then go listen to the first (Ahh…)


    LUKE SKI: Join the Dementia Revolution!

    JARED RINGOLD: Rock is for the win!

    We are the FuMP, (We are the FuMP,)

    SHOEBOX: Smell my nipple, win a prize!

    And it's our mission, (And it's our mission,)

    DEVO SPICE: What the Hell did he say?

    ROB BALDER: If you still don't know what the FuMP is, JFGI!

    To post more songs, even though God hates

    Comedy musicians. (Comedy musicians.)

    INSANE IAN: There's something about a zombie!


    Been around for four years, (Ahh…)

    ERIC COLEMAN: Would you like to play a game?

    LUKE SKI: Livin' on a roll and a prayer!

    JARED RINGOLD: Talk nerdy to me!

    so give us all a hand. (Ahh…)

    CARRIE DAHLBY: What's wrong with this song?

    It's not true, that nobody loves (Ahh…)

    The comedy band.

    CHRIS WAFFLE OF HOT WAFFLES: They're infused with cheese and bacon
    (Stavro Arrgolus)
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