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Song Details
Duration: 3:37 
Release Date: 6/21/2011 
Lyrics By: M. Spaff Sumsion (Captain Wayne) 
Music By:
Produced By:
Released By:
Published By:
  • Parody of "Billionaire" by Travie McCoy feat. Bruno Mars (DJ Particle)
  • Song Lyrics:
    I wanna be Al Yankovic
    So freakin' bad
    With white and nerdy fans I never had
    Like Oprah I would start my own
    "Al" Magazine
    With Bundy, Sharpton, Qaida, Gore, and Green

    Oh, every time I hear a song
    My brain regurgitates it wrong, yeah
    So all the words I sing along
    Are abnor-mal!
    I'd be every fangirl's pal
    If I could be Weird Al

    Yeah, I'd be crashin' Alapalooza
    In my Belvedere Cruiza
    Rockin' polka medleys of
    John Phillip Sousa

    I'd be an Amish celebrity
    Losing on Jeopardy
    With shirts like Nick Nolte
    And hair that's Def Leppardy

    I'd pimp the grapefruit diet
    Go on eBay to buy it
    I'm no Jerry Springer
    But in France I'm a riot

    I love Rocky Road, I'll
    Get Kinky with Yoda
    Gotta boogie like the biggest ball of
    Spam in Minnesota

    I'd make my roaches wear slippers
    Fall in love with the Skipper
    Or an anorexic codependent
    Bingo addict stripper

    I hear Al wants a new duck
    That will teach him to swim
    I guess it really must suck
    To be a rock star like him!

    I never think a song is done (The toast is done, the toast is done)
    Until you add accordion ('Cause I perform this way, baby!)
    I pray for one more Naked Gun (Me and OJ)
    'Til then I shall
    Sing about my root canal (Drill me!)
    When I become Weird Al

    Duh-Duh-Duh-Dare to be Stupid
    Duh-Dare to be Stupid

    I'll be the quirkiest! The smirkiest!
    My turkey neck's the turkey-est
    Of all the Albuquerque songs
    I'll write the Albuquerque-est

    I'll kick some pancreass
    In this dog-eat-dog business
    With my billionaire bikini
    Supermodel astrophysicist

    I'm pretty fly for a reverend
    In bolognaphile heaven
    Making albums in 3-D
    Which, cubed, is 27

    I'm buyin' me a Cuisinart
    On Craigslist they're on sale tonight
    I'll be the king of waffles, king of suede
    And king of cellulite

    I would tell your iguana
    It smells like Madonna
    But right now Nirvana
    And I just don't wanna

    And if money won't buy happiness
    I'll just go and rent it
    So listen up, you weasel stompers:
    Stay demented!

    I wanna be Al Yankovic
    So fetchin' bad (Even worse)
    I promise I'll be mellow when I'm dead (Like a car battery)
    I wanna do the Today Show on
    All-"Al" TV (On UHF)
    With Roker and Capone and Al-i G (H-O-D-A Hoda! What up!)

    They say I'm close but no cigars (You're pitiful.)
    To radioactive CNR's (Chuck. Norris. Revisited.)
    From a planet near Bruno Mars (Freddie Mercury?)
    I'd puke Cristal
    And I'd be Harvey the Wonder Hamster's pal
    If I could be Weird Al

    Stuh-Stuh-Stuh-Stuck in the drive-through
    Wuh-With Vanna White, dude

    I wanna be Al Yankovic (Me too.) (Me three.)
    So stinkin' bad

    "I wish I could be Weird Al too. Wait - I am Weird Al. Ha! Cool! Ha-HA!"
    (Captain Wayne)
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