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A-Log on the Airwaves - April 3, 2021
Topic: Gulf War Retrospective (30th Anniversary Edition)

This show has 3 parts:

Part 1
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Hour 1
Get Up! Go Insane! (intro mix) (background only)Stretch & Vern
I Watch Anime (edit)  [first known play]Rucka Rucka Ali
3 O' Clock Things (edit)  [first known play]AJR
W.A.P. Polka (edit)  [first known play]Cardi Beerdehosen (Andy Rehfeldt)
WAPC (Wet-Ass ***** Cat)Devo Spice
New Toonland (Stage) (background only)Greg Weber & Steve Henifin
Air Fryer Blues (Air Fry the Rich)Ross Childs
Slang!  [first known play]Ethan Mawyer
Old Town Road (remix)Lil Nas X feat. Billy Ray Cyrus
Old Source CodeDevo Spice feat. Worm Quartet
Small Round Yodathe great Luke Ski
Ran's Theme (background only)Katsuo Ono
Dr. DThe Utensils
Dr. DementoRick Right & Raoul
My Girl's WAP  [first known play]Robbie Ellis
Kong Monkey  [first known play]Tom Smith
The ChickLee & Paul
Rabbit ValleyThe Four Postmen
Funny Walk in Old Fashion (background only)Yuji Ohno
Part 2
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Hour 2
Kick Ass USAMilo Tremley
The Gulf War SongMoxy Fruvous
A Bomb for HusseinBarnes & Barnes
Saddam's a Dumb-DumbLaszlo & Gary
The Leader of IraqLoose Bruce Kerr
Overworld Theme (background only)Bug Too! OST
Dear SaddamMilo Tremley
Dueling PresidentsEd Bissot
Mr. InsaneWhimsical Will
Blame It On Hussein (edit)Mammoser/Kelli
The Middle East BeastSkid Roadie
The Beast in the Middle East  [only known play]Bunny Bradley
Don't Give Us a Reason  [only known play]Hank Williams, Jr.
All My Saudi Friends Are Coming Over Tonight  [only known play]Ken Cooper
Desert Shield  [only known play]Van Ray
Texas Special (background only)  [first known play]Thomas Blug & Mark Scholz
Hussein's Doctor  [only known play]Quarter Moon
Hello MomTom Geer
50 Ways to Bomb SaddamItzhak
High Priced Gasoline BluesDan the Man
Lines in the SandRandy Newman
Waltz for Zizi (background only)Yoko Kanno
Part 3
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Hour 3
Get Back IraqTed the Dudeman
Attack IraqAl Fleishman (The Flasher)
Iraq, IraqSaddam Sinatra
The Persian Gulf War Song  [only known play]Tommy Roz
Chicken Bone (background only)Yoko Kanno
It's Us vs. Them Again  [only known play]Brad Kay
Kuwait City  [only known play]Patrick Neilon
We're Puttin' Our Lives on the Line (For Good Old Ethyl)Tom Callinan
Jailhouse IraqThe Pheromones
Hey Saddam HusseinyDoug George
Saddam is a Weenie (extended)"Sunny Day" Maxwell
Wacked-Out Five
#5Hey, Dr. Demento!Christopher Bay
#4World's Smallest Violin (edit)AJR
#3Wanda Vision (new mix)Jeff Whitmire
#2Wellerman (220 Kid & Billen Ted Remix)Nathan Evans
#1Godzilla's Coming to TownThe Destruction featuring M.C. Godzilla
The Sunny Garden (Illusion) (background only)J.A. Seazer
Next week: One Play Wonders

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